Guns Of Navarone, The: Superbit DVD Review

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by AVForums Dec 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Guns Of Navarone, The: Superbit DVD Review
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    Despite being a Superbit release, Guns has a pretty tired look. There's a lot of noise in the image, and edge enhancement seems to be ever present. Overall it looks soft, almost out of focus at times, and a million miles from most modern releases, but given its age this is probably to be expected. Colours, especially skin tones, never look quite right - it's clear that this is an old style movie, with old style acting and old style effects, wrapped in a new style cover that merely glosses over the cracks and never fills them.
    Guns Of Navarone, The: Superbit Picture


    Audio wise it's more of the same really - hissy, front soundstage oriented and basic, and this applies to both Dolby Digital and DTS tracks. I was surprised with some rear action during a couple of scenes, and my sub woofer seemed to kick into life a couple of times also. It's always obvious that any sound fx date from over four decades ago, though - this is not the kind of disc you get out to demo your equipment.
    Guns Of Navarone, The: Superbit Sound


    It's a Superbit!
    Guns Of Navarone, The: Superbit Extras


    The Guns Of Navarone is a tedious, drawn out affair that lacks, bar one scene, any originality. That's my opinion... for what it's worth! Below average image and audio qualities doesn't help matters, but it's worth a view just for that one scene, as well as to appreciate just how good we DVD collectors have it these days.
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