Gumball 3000 Rally: 6 Days In May DVD Review

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by AVForums Apr 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Gumball 3000 Rally: 6 Days In May DVD Review
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    Transfer wise, it's a fine reproduction, however as it's shot on low budget cameras that you'd probably find in Dixons, this isn't particularly exciting stuff. Colours are fine, as it the detail, within the limits of the technology used. It's passable stuff, no better than what you'd see on TV really.
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    As it only has a stereo mix, this does the job adequately, again bearing the technology used to record this event. Dialogue is clear, music is clearer but more annoying if that's possible than what is spoken. It does it's job, but then so does the mute button too.
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    There are a whole heap of extras, but I only watched the Theatrical trailer to see what I was letting myself in for. After what I'd viewed of the main feature - I couldn't bear to witness another second. I'm sure the extras here are wonderful if you enjoyed the main feature, but I wouldn't give it a second longer in my player.
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    Well, what more can I say? This is fly-on-the-wall at its (currently) lowest possible point. It's scary that, not only do these people exist, but as a culture we actually condone it by popularising said behaviour. This isn't entertainment in any sense of the word; it's a reminder, at least to me, of how far we've devolved. Calling this garbage is too polite.
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