Gumball 3000: 6 Days in May Review

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by AVForums Apr 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Gumball 3000: 6 Days in May Review
    Switch your sofa for bucket seats and buckle-up for GUMBALL 3000 - `6 Days In May`, the adrenaline-fuelled tale of 2004`s Gumball 3000, the world`s most glamorous and notorious rally. Drive all day and go wild at night with starlets and skate-pros, pop stars and princesses, as well as the planet`s baddest boy racers on a 3000 mile endurance trial from Paris, through Madrid, Marbella, Morocco, Barcelona and finally Cannes, via every party in between. Climb behind the wheel of your dream car as Ferrari Enzos, Lamborghinis, Porsches and a cheeky Citroen 2 CV vie for pole position. Long-haul, high-speed and hard-core; GUMBALL 3000 - ` 6 Days In May` is the ultimate road trip! Behind the wheel...

    Oscar winning actor, Adrien Brody (996 Porsche Turbo), Pro-skater, Rob Dyrdek - the King of Bling (BMW X5), Supermodel, Jodie Kidd (Maserati Coupe), Skate Legend, Tony Hawk (2004 Morgan), Celebrity Restaurateur, Momo (Bentley Turbo), Champion Boxer, Chris Eubank (Bentley Arnage) and many more...

    OK, I'll openly admit the synopsis was taken from the back of the box directly because I honestly can't find one kind word to say about this. I initially thought when I saw this title, this was going to be some kind of “Cannonball Run” movie, not that that would be a good thing. It's not - it is a real life race/sports “movie”. It's basically a race of 3000 miles and that's pretty much it. Think “Jackass” in cars and you're kind of there in a sense. Now, I don't, didn't and have never seen the humour in something like Jackass. I don't see the wit, for want of a better word, in self mutilation and self infliction of pain. In this case, there isn't any pain inflicted per se, rather a portrayal of illegal street racing being glamorized to appeal to a wider audience, which sadly is the highly impressionable youth culture.

    From a moral standpoint, I don't understand the fascination nor the logic behind either performing or endorsing such a race. Let's be quite clear on this, they openly state in a disclaimer that all events portrayed are at the risk of the individuals concerned and that Sony pictures do not condone the actions within, but that isn't stopping them from taking your money by selling the DVD is it? Anyway when events unfold, we see excessive speeding, illegal modifications on cars (the mention of a 56 litre tank of propane in a car, not to mention the driver admitting nearly crashing into the central reservation as he was watching pornography on the DVD player, gives an idea of the intellect on display here), blatantly dangerous driving and the unfortunate crashes, which I personally have no sympathy whatsoever to the person(s) involved. Don't get me wrong, the ages of the individuals here (well, physical ages) is varied, indeed some look over 50 easily, so it does raise a question from the perspective of when did the decline of civilisation take place and when will it finally hit rock bottom, if it hasn't already? Sure, racing is a sport and there's a place for it, but not on public roads, especially when you have innocent members of the public having these individuals, who clearly have no regard for anyone else, acting incredibly dangerously. That is one of the most worrying things I find on display here - the total disregard for others, because the participants here are trying to sell the concept of nothing but speed and partying. When you see someone undertaking on a standard 2-lane road, you get an understanding of how idiotic the behaviour of these people truly is. It's actually a shock when someone speaks a whole sentence without swearing - if you watch this, keep your ears open, it's rare. This again, to me, illustrates nothing more except the continued descent of culture in general, it gets to the point where swearing doesn't hold any form of meaning or shock value, but just becomes part of normal language when it truly shouldn't be.

    The bigger issue, therefore is - are these people acting this way because they are that way, or because society as a whole has let behaviour such as this go unchecked and therefore, what once was totally unacceptable is now so common place, it no longer registers as a social issue? I can't offer any answers, I'm afraid, but after viewing this, I openly weep for the future.Still, if you're a “boy racer” you'll probably like this.

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