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by AVForums Feb 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

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    Grind Review
    There's nothing like an innovative, hard-hitting action/comedy flick to get me going. Unfortunately Grind is nothing like an innovative hard-hitting action/comedy flick and we've been here a thousand times before. Four “youths”, played by Mike Vogul, Vince Vieluf, Adam Brody and Joey Kern (who look a lot older than the screen characters they're playing), disillusioned with their dreary lives dream of being sponsored and hitting the big time - this time round in the world of professional skateboarding. So off they go trekking across America unable to enter skateboarding events which are for sponsored skateboarders only and unable to attract sponsors until they enter those events - isn't life catch 22 cruel sometimes.

    Grind is a kind of coming-of-age/gross-out comedy movie that occasionally hits the spot with its in your face teen humour, but more often than not simply misses the mark completely - is the expelling of flatulent gasses really funny anymore? And the old woman giving the middle finger has been done before and, for me, is simply old hat and no longer amusing movie fayre. But Grind doesn't seem to care - it screams, “take me or leave me” and carries on regardless.

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