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by AVForums Feb 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Grind DVD Review
    SRP: £27.95


    The 4:3 image is actually pretty good, with rock steady, vivid colours and no sign of bleed whatever. Skin tones in particular, and at times there is a lot of skin on show, are accurate and realistically rendered. I did notice some edge enhancement, which may be an issue for those with larger monitors. All in all the picture here is warm, rich and reasonably detailed with colours fairly leaping from the screen at times, but why no widescreen option?
    Grind Picture


    This is a “comedy” (sorry, but those speech marks are necessary) and as such the Dolby Digital 5.1 448Kbps can be expected to be front soundstage oriented - and Grind is very front stage oriented. Rears are rarely utilised and even main left and right channels only come alive when music is being played or during the numerous skateboarding scenes. Don't expect much bass action either..........although there is one moment during the party scene, around the 00:36:40 mark, that seriously threatened the health of my sub woofer - I suggest you crank up the volume on your amp just for this one moment, but please be careful - I accept no responsibility for any possible damage caused - it certainly shocked me!
    Grind Sound


    With a Theatrical Trailer, a music video and an audio commentary featuring Director Casey La Scala and actors, Vince Vieluf, Adam Brody and Joey Kern extras are pretty thin on the ground. Having said that the commentary is an enjoyable romp with some nice insights into the movie making experience - and if anything this and the bloopers included as the credits roll are at times more fun than the actual movie itself.
    Grind Extras


    If you're a rabid skateboard fan or enjoy gross out comedy you may just about find Grind worthy of an hour and forty five minutes of your life, but somehow I doubt it. The best comment I can make about this movie I've warned you of just how poor a release this is your expectations will be so low that you may perhaps end up thinking, “Hey, it's not that bad!”

    I wish somebody had warned me first.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £27.95

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