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by AVForums Feb 1, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Green Butchers DVD Review
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    Presented in an Anamorphic 2.35:1 transfer, the result is a solid if flawed viewing experience. Although for the most part passable in conveying Jensen's distinctive vision, the transfer does struggle on occasion when faced with the more extreme examples of the director's limited colour palette. Shots involving a large number of similarly coloured objects tend to lose their sharpness and distinction, as the colours fight each other for attention. Outdoor shots are for the most part more than acceptable, but indoor scenes, with less natural light tend to be the most affected. In addition to the relatively soft image, there is a fair bit of digital artifacing present in the transfer, again most prevalent through the darker indoor scenes. Despite these flaws, the film looks relatively fine for the most part, there is no print damage whatsoever, and none of the issues drastically impede on watchablity.
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    The DVD provides two audio tracks, a 5.1 surround mix and a standard 2.0 stereo track, neither of which are too impressive. It's difficult to be too harsh on surround mixes with more subdued films such as these, as there is always a limit as to what can be accomplished with the source material. This is dialogue heavy, and as such the surrounds are rarely brought into play, aside from a nice projection of the soundtrack on occasion. The 5.1 track is very modest and underwhelming, with little use of the LFE channel and a fairly limited and hushed sound for the duration. This is a polar opposite to the 2.0 mix, which blasts out at a far louder lever, warts and all, and in a far less subtle and clear way. Either way, neither track really grips the listener, although in fairness the film doesn't suffer badly despite this.
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    Top dog on the limited selection of features present here, is a 25minute feature 'The Making of Green Butchers'. Mixing up clips from the movie with interviews with the cast and crew this is an interesting piece, with some informative information from the director on his intentions, and the cast's personal opinions on the meanings of the film. Following this is the only other supplement of note, a ten minute insight into the work of the effects team entitled 'Meat is Murder: Make-Up and Prosthetics'. This focuses primarily upon the use of prosthetic to craft the butcher's cannibalistic meat stores. Again interest in this type of feature is highly dependent on your capacity for curiosity concerning the work of effects teams in general. If behind the scenes is your bag, then this will prove a diverting ten minutes. Rounding off this disappointing package is the original Danish theatrical trailer and the USA trailer. More could perhaps have been done with the DVD package I feel, as the end results are somewhat insubstantial.
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    This is a wonderfully inventive and endearing comedy that deserves to be seen. Recommended highly for fans of the Coen brothers or even The League of Gentlemen, this little gem is well worth taking a chance on. If you fancy a break from the norm, certainly give this a go.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £19.99

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