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by Casimir Harlow Aug 28, 2017 at 7:36 AM

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    Gotham Season 3 Blu-ray Review
    SRP: £29.99

    Season 3 Review

    Gotham continues to impress, further distancing itself from what fans are familiar with in its intoxicating look at a city on the brink.

    With Dr. Hugo Strange's ex-Arkham Asylum monsters loosed from Indian Hill, and running riot on the streets of Gotham, "Mad City" seems like an apt subtitle for the third season of this dark and horror-infused DC crime drama. Gordon, now working as a private investigator/bounty hunter, makes his living rounding up these potential villains-in-the-making and collecting the reward for them, but his ties to Bullock and the GCPD are strong, particularly with newly-engaged old flame Lee returning to work there. Meanwhile young Bruce Wayne, torn over his feelings for thief Selina Kyle, also struggles with the darker influences on Wayne Enterprises, coercing him into stopping his investigation into his parents' murder, as Alfred continues to train his young ward in an attempt to prepare him for the war to come.
    Gotham's success is often found in distancing itself from what comic (and movie) fans have come to expect from these colourful characters whilst, at the same time, remaining very familiar. It's so far from the exploits of Batman proper, yet look closer and you find the trouble that Gordon, for example, gets into mirrors the Dark Knight's own exploits, hunting monsters, facing off against twisted miscreants who can bend his mind and poison his blood and make him choose between his loved ones, and - at least this season - close to becoming a vigilante himself. The Penguin/Riddler crime chaos continues, with a mayoral campaign, but it's the new (and old) outside influences that really pose a threat. It's compelling comic mayhem, perfectly infusing crime drama with Gothic sensibilities, and building to an epic conclusion.

    Picture Quality

    Gotham – Season 3 Picture Quality
    Bathed in shadows, Gotham is still rich with colour and depth

    The third season of Gotham hits UK shores courtesy of Warner, on a Region Free release which promotes the episodes across a 4-disc Blu-ray set, with each episode presented in 1080p/AVC-encoded High Definition, framed in the original TV aired aspect ratio of 1.78:1 widescreen.

    Still a moody, dark, Gothic noir, Season 3 may not step any further into the light (it's almost entirely set at night), but boasts some more vibrant tones than arguably this show has ever known before, particularly with its bustling city backdrops, looking more sparkly and neon-infused than previously. The shadows are thick and prevalent, but detail never drops off at all, with absolute clarity that abounds throughout, and no signs of any softness whatsoever. It's a sharp, rich, and vivid piece, bathed in shadows but utterly embracing them and becoming all the more impressive for it, with deep and rich black levels and a near-flawless image.

    Sound Quality

    Gotham – Season 3 Sound Quality
    An immersive mix that works well with the material

    Gotham arrives with an equally impressive DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track which makes for a heady and intoxicating accompaniment to the rich visuals. Dialogue is firmly prioritised across the front and centre channels, taking precedence over the score and effects, with the former working pervasively through out the piece to maintain impact and momentum, giving Gotham a distinct aural signature. Effects lap up the frequent use of firearms; the crowds and parties; and the heave of the crime-ridden streets. The effects are punchy and precise, afforded some discrete dissemination across the array and given a fair amount of weight through adept LFE implementation. Police raids, super-powered skirmishes and chaos on the streets keep this an immersive mix that works well with the material.


    Gotham – Season 3 Extras
    A solid selection of extras

    With a multitude of Deleted Scenes strewn across the discs, we also get a few nice Featurettes, including Madness Rising: The New Villains of Gotham and The Dark Within the Dark: The Court of Owls, which take about 10 minutes each to look behind the sinister new forces at play in this season. Ben McKenzie: Directorial Debut, has the star briefly look at his work behind the camera on this season, whilst we get a half-hour look at the Gotham 2016 Comic-Con Panel. It's a solid selection of extras.

    Blu-ray Verdict

    Gotham – Season 3 Blu-ray Verdict
    Dark and compelling comic mayhem

    Gotham continues to be an impressive DC outing, once again proving the small screen strength they have despite the big screen disasters. This region free Blu-ray release boasts excellent video and audio and a nice selection of extras, leaving it a must-have for fans of the show.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £29.99

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