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by AVForums Mar 5, 2008 at 12:00 AM

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    Good Luck Chuck Blu-ray Review
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    This is a 1080P AVC MPEG-4 encode presented in 1.78.1 Widescreen format. Quite pleasantly it's a pretty decent effort in terms of video quality. The picture is vivid with bright, bold, solid colours. In the main it's a very clean picture and no grain was evident. Lines were sharp, clean and precise though on closer inspection of detail there was the occasional hint of edge enhancement. For the most part blacks were deep enough to give a pretty decent contrasting picture with plenty of depth about it. A few scenes did occasionally reveal a slight greyness in the blacks but thankfully it wasn't a trait throughout the movie. The picture retained an immense clarity about it on both a Plasma display and LCD. It also held up fantastically well on a 100” projection, which underlined its credible video credentials.
    Good Luck Chuck Picture


    The disc comes with an English only soundtrack in two guises, either in 7.1PCM or 5.1Dolby Digital Surround EX. 48 kHz ensures that the sound is pretty clinical throughout with the dialogue being sharp and clear. Whilst the effects in this type of movie are never going to be the forte of the package, the whole soundstage was still more than adequately used. Placement was precise and accurate and a good ambience was created at all times. At times of montage or musical backdrop you are also certainly enveloped quite convincingly. The inclusion of a 7.1PCM soundtrack is welcomed but as I've mentioned before there is simply not enough in the sound effects to warrant the centre two rear channels. You won't therefore be missing much if your set up cannot accommodate 7.1 but it does show that some effort was put into the down-mix. There is not much deep bass used in the movie but once again this is not the fault of the soundtrack itself but more due to the nature of the film. All in all the audio is best described as a competent affair and does the disc more than justice. The only option available for other languages is English or Spanish subtitles.
    Good Luck Chuck Sound


    The menu option allows you to Play movie, Scene selections, Set up, Special Features, Menu Options - Audio off & Menu effects.

    The Special Features allows you a choice of 12 further options. There are surprisingly quite a lot of extras on the disc to go through. It's a definite a plus if this is your sort of movie. Though I have to say some of it is also quite tedious and repetitive stuff. All the extra scenes are labelled under a number of menus when they could quite easily have been consolidated under a few. I must point out that the content of the extra's are as unfunny as the film itself. You really would be a glutton for punishment wishing to endure all this lot as well! The audio is recorded as 2-ch for all the extras.

    Switch Audio Commentary with Dane Cook, Director and Producer - this a full length voice over commentary. However it amounts to being very simple running commentary rather than a director or producers in depth perspective.

    Featurettes - There are 7 featurettes of a total of 29mins and 2 sec duration
    Frank the Penguin, Polymastia, Karma Sutra, All about Penguins, Eleanor Skepple, Good Luck Chuckle, Real Life Chuck. Each of these talks about and explains the background information and issues of differing aspects of the movie. Frank the Penguin is quite bizarre as it's a narration of Grumpy the Penguin from the movie. I think it was meant to be funny but hey each to their own.

    Set Matrix - here there are 12 sex scenes from the movie of a total of 3 mins and 29 secs. They are literally used as a montage during the middle of the film and are excerpts of a matter of 10-15secs each.

    Ad Libs - Here there are 3 scenes of Stu, Charlie and Airport Security of 8mins and 28 secs. Literally it's the multiple takes of these scenes where the actors were simply allowed to ad lib rather than read from the script.

    Deleted Scenes - Duration of 2mins 45 secs in total. There are two scenes on offer here one being Stoplight, the other being an Alternate ending. To give you a better understanding of the level of humour in this movie, Stoplight is simply a scene where Chuck is at a deserted cross road and decides to jump a red light. Moments later he is pulled up by a cop car. Is it a wonder why a scene like that was pulled? Was it meant to be irony or a failed attempt at being funny? The Alternate ending was actually not a lot different to what happened in the movie. There is probably a justifiable case that there should be far more deleted scenes from the movie dumped into here.

    Extended scenes - Chuck keeps calling Cam, Spin the bottle, Phone Montage, Joe narrates, Joe on relate. This is 4mins 24secs of scenes from the film, though there is nothing of significant value or anything that adds to the movie in all this.

    Alternate scenes - 2mins 26secs takes of scenes that have a slightly different slant to what was used in the movie. Charlie beats up George, Crazy Breakfast, Airport security, Charlie Cam Home Video 1, Charlie Cam Home Video 2. Once again this is not too dissimilar to the Extended scenes selection.

    Outtakes/gags - here we are given 9mins and 29secs of the gags and goofs from the movie. If anything this is one of the more worthy of the extras to view. If you like the humour in the film then I guess it follows suit you will like the gaffs that happened behind the scenes or on the shoot.

    Montages - offers two musically scored excerpts of the movie. Firstly, The Honorary Title -Accident Prone is effectively slide show of 3mins and 25sec duration. The other, Flaming Lips - I was zapped by the lucky super rainbow is 4mins long and plays like a trailer for the film.

    Also from Lionsgate- 8mins and 20secs of trailer ads from Lionsgate studios.

    Disc Production Credits

    Good Luck Chuck Extras


    If you are in desperate need of a lobotomised experience dressed as a comedy then this is probably it. There's no humour to challenge the mind on offer here whatsoever. Instead you'll get cheap sexual exploits and cheap gags aplenty along with a bevy of topless beauties just to keep you entertained. It's all pretty desperate stuff and I think you get the drift. Dan Fogler does his best to save it and Jessica Alba; well she does what she does best. Dane Cook? Hmmmm the less said about his performance the better, he really was very poor indeed.

    Without completely discrediting the film, there are some gross gags on offer that you won't be able to help but to giggle at. Think of a 35 stone zit-ladened woman by the name of Eleanor Skepple lying by a swimming pool and a desperate Chuck approaching her. He's absolutely desperate to disprove his curse as he simply doesn't want to chance anything on Cam. How desperate? Well he's prepared to pay to sleep with this 35 stone gut churning monster and he does. You get the scene ? It's gross.

    While the content of this movie leaves a lot to be desired it's not all bad news seeing that the disc package is a relatively solid video and audio affair coupled with a respectable amount of extras. Ultimately though I believe this film will probably end up only ever doing well as a rental. All in all I'll wish you Good Luck if you Chuckle at this one.
    Good Luck Chuck Verdict

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.79

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