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by AVForums Sep 17, 2007 at 12:00 AM

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    Gone In 60 Seconds Blu-ray Review


    The movie is delivered in an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 on this 1080p, AVC/MPEG-4 Blu-Ray disc and looks great. The movie seems to have been shot almost entirely at night or at the very least in dimly lit rooms. Those scenes set outside during the day have a soft 'hazy' feel to them as if the director wanted us to know it was summer. Maybe car theft is sexier during the summer! Anyway, my point is that this dimly lit environment demands the very best transfer if the picture is to hold up and Disney or should I say Buena Vista to be more precise, deliver the goods here in spades. With a superb filmic feel, the image has excellent detail and rock solid blacks throughout. These blacks are filled with detail and grey scaling as well as shadow delineation is spot on.

    There is a small level of grain present, but only enough to give the aforementioned filmic quality and not enough to detract from this impressive image.

    Colours are intentionally subdued but still rendered faithfully by the transfer. They skew towards earthy tones; browns, reds and yellows dominate only pierced by the brilliance of the various cars paintwork. The image is almost sepia in nature and I assume is a stylization choice by the Director / Cinematographer.

    Here we have a fine example of a good authentic image transfer which may not be the best in any one area, but is very good in all areas. It is clean, sufficiently detailed, has great depth and a fine black level. Colours are subtle but accurate and overall delivers outstanding results.
    Gone In 60 Seconds Picture


    The best audio option here is the uncompressed PCM 5.1 which is best described as being good to average. A movie like this just cries out for deep, accurate bass. Bass from explosions, bass from the deep exhaust rumblings of the cars and bass from the sound of gunshots. Unfortunately, the bass is a little lacklustre and never really goes as deep as you expect it to. I liken it to the bass you find in older movies where the sound mixing capabilities where not as accomplished back then. But this is a movie made in the year 2000 so there is really no excuse. Besides this point, the sound is very good . Front soundstage steering excels and is crystal clear with pinpoint separation. Vocals are easy to follow if a little thin sounding again a result of the lack of quality bass.

    Surround sound is a little erratic too. Sometimes they are used overtly and at other times when you expect to hear something from behind, there is nothing. These are all areas that should be addressed in the sound studio during post-production. Maybe the expectations and demands of the listening audience was not as great in 2000 and that no improvements have been made to this release either. Whatever the reason, the sound here could and should have been much better.

    Just as a great soundtrack can add to the enjoyment of a movie, an average or bad one can detract from it. This is a movie filled with dynamic action scenes, unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the audio which is lacking these dynamics.
    Gone In 60 Seconds Sound


    Yet again, the disc makers feel that at the moment, the market for these next-gen formats is limited and thus they feel it is too early to release the best version of a movie now. They know that if they release a bare bones version, then they can make yet more money from the same title again in the future with a more feature laden version.

    Using this ethos, Gone in Sixty Seconds contains just one 5 minute feature. Titled 'The Big Jump'. This is a short documentary on how the final stunt was created, designed and finally realised. Director Dominic Sena takes us through the process.
    That is it I'm afraid and with not even a trailer to accompany this short feature I can't help but think the best is yet to come for this one.
    Gone In 60 Seconds Extras


    Gone In Sixty Seconds is like a cross betweenThe Fast and the Furious and Ocean's Eleven. It has fast cars and fast car chases. It has a group of friends planning and executing the impossible con and it attempts subtle humour to cement all this together. Unfortunately it doesn't quite stick. The humour is not as funny as Ocean's and the action is not as frenetic as TFATF Add to this several scenes which slow the pace giving a 'stop-start' feel to the movie and you are left feeling unsatisfied by the end credits.

    The Rundown



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