Ghostbusters: Superbit Boxset DVD Review

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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Ghostbusters: Superbit Boxset DVD Review
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    The Superbit treatment doesn't disappoint in either movie. Unfortunately with the first movie being shot in 1984 means there is a LOT of work to do to remove all those nasty transfer errors, noise in scenes, scratches in the print etc. But the job is done remarkably well as colours are definitely stronger than in the original DVD and contrast is stretched as far as can be done from the original '84 print. It's still not perfect however exhibiting much noise and a grainy, often shimmering finish. But this is certainly the best I have seen this classic look.

    The second movie is practically perfect. Colours are balanced but very strong and with zero bleed. The lightening blue electric waves passing through the Ghosts of the Scelari brothers being millimetre perfect, and a testament to the much improved special effects of the second movie. Detail is exceptional with no edge enhancement ruining the party, the overall effect is detail and colour rich with a tasty slick finish
    Ghostbusters: Superbit Boxset Picture


    Dolby Digital and DTS remasterings from the original Dolby Pro Logic soundtrack of the first, and Dolby Digital of the second are impressive. Again the first receives a lot of tweaking from an originally basic track, the second is far more inviting with ghosts all over the room
    Ghostbusters: Superbit Boxset Sound


    None that could be found, text is all in Japanese and very difficult to navigate.
    Ghostbusters: Superbit Boxset Extras


    If you can live without all the bonus features that made the first double set DVD a hit definitely go out and buy this instead. It is unquestionably the best audio and video remastering of the two movies and something any fan of real comedy can treasure forever.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £55.47

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