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by AVForums May 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Ghost In The Shell DVD Review


    A combination of traditional cell animation and some, early, CG and compositing techniques. This movie has a film noir look that distances it from the earlier Akira. Thankfully the version on this disk looks clean and has no print damage, dirt specks or digital edge enhancement present.
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    The movie is available either in the original Japanese, Japanese with switchable English subtitles or in an English dubbed version. The original release had a Dolby Surround track that appears to have been remixed for this version. The new dub on both the Japanese and English versions is still very front heavy with some good use of low-end bass during the various shootouts that pepper the movie.
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    A very basic set of extras are present on this single layer disk.

    Firstly we have “The Making Of Ghost In The Shell” a basic but functional documentary. Featuring interviews with the animators, behind the scenes looks at production and a guide to the, at the time, ground breaking use of CG and computer compositing in the production of an animated feature film.

    Next we have the original theatrical trailer for the simultaneous worldwide release of the movie in 1995, presented in Dolby digital 2.0, the trailer shows no signs of dirt or print damage.

    ”A Guide To Ghost In The Shell” acts as an interactive “biography” of the main characters in the film, their motivations and actions. For those new to the world of anime' this may prove useful as, otherwise, things can sometimes get a little hard to follow.

    Also available on the disk are promos for other Manga videos and a fan club trailer. Menus are static and silent.
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    An intelligent, prophetic, science fiction animated movie which produced a number of thought provoking ideas which have influenced the genre since. It may be a little hard going for those new to anime but it's certainly worth persevering. As usual always try to go for the Japanese sound track for at least one viewing to get the full benefit of the work that has been put into the animation.

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