Gene Roddenberry's Earth Final Conflict DVD Review

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by Simon Crust Jun 21, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Gene Roddenberry's Earth Final Conflict DVD Review
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    The disc is given a broadcast correct 1.33:1 full screen aspect and looks to be an NTSC-PAL transfer and therefore suffers accordingly. The primary colours come across well, especially the blue hues, strong and bold, unfortunately flesh tones are all rather grey, typical of the conversion process. Detail levels are reasonably good throughout, there is softening of the edges in places, but forgivable, and conversion tends to leave a little blurring here and there. Contrast and brightness levels are just ok, there are dark blacks, even if they do tend a little towards the grey. Digitally there was some slight posterization in places but nothing too distracting, and only minimal edge enhancement; though the processing did highlight the green screen work with some additional edging. For a ten year old TV show the print was in remarkable condition, no significant damage throughout the run time, some grain here than there but, again, nothing too distracting. On the whole, considering age and source, this is still only an average picture.

    Gene Roddenberry


    Only the one English Dolby Digital track to choose from, a 2.0 basic stereo as per its original broadcast. The sound is adequate for the series, hardly any effects, though the score comes across well. There is a decent attempt at a full range, though is hangs mostly in the middle, bass is limited but there on occasion to give some reasonable depth. Dialogue is always clear, precise, with good tone, free from distortion and hiss and is never in any danger of being lost in the action. It is nothing hugely impressive but get across its information with dignity.

    Gene Roddenberry


    Unfortunately no extras for this set, and whilst most people will buy for the series it shows a deal of contempt from Universal that there is absolutely nothing here, not even subtitles.

    Gene Roddenberry


    Earth Final Conflict may not have had the most original of concept ideas, but with enough original content and a team of writers dedicated to bringing Rodenberry's ideals to life, this first season is a strong and compelling show worthy of recognition and deserving of praise. As a DVD package the box itself, with its glossy picture, is impressive, but unfortunately, Universal only sees fit to give the set average picture, sound and it is bereft of extras. I know the series is strong enough to out way these shortcomings but I'd like to have seen a little more respect given to the show.

    Gene Roddenberry

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £34.99

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