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by AVForums Apr 1, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Fun with Dick and Jane Review
    In a remake of the 1977 original “Fun with Dick and Jane”, Jim Carrey stars as Dick Harper, an up and coming executive with Globodyne and it seems he has finally hit the big time. Having been called to the 51st floor to meet with the big bosses, he learns that he is to be made Vice-President and will go on Money Live and announce the quarterly projections. Meanwhile Jane (Tea Leoni), Dick's wife, already aware of his impending promotion and increased salary and after a particularly bad day at work goes ahead and quits her job. Unfortunately unbeknownst to Dick, CEO of Globodyne Jack McAllister (Alec Baldwin) has dumped all the stock leaving all the employees without a pension and the company bankrupt. Dick learns all this while on the air, and has to return home to break the news. Both now unemployed, how will Dick and Jane be able to pay the mortgage and what lengths will they go to keep up with the neighbours and the life they have become accustomed to.

    The problem with the movie is that it has a severe case of identity crisis. It is totally unsure of what it's meant to be, as it neither works as a comedy because its deeply unfunny, nor is it a satire on corporate America as its simply too ridiculous at times and cannot be taken seriously. Having Carrey doing his usual manic schtick in place of actual well written jokes and situations is beginning to wear very thin, especially when he has proved in the past that he can indeed act when required. For Carrey to be tolerated he has to either be laugh out funny a la “The Mask” or be doing a serious project like “Man on the Moon”. The movie itself feels rushed and thrown together, with only the Mexican housekeeper and the Harpers kid raising a few smirks with the ending falling into place far too easily. Additionally the more than able support cast of Alec Baldwin, Jeff Garlin, Richard Jenkins and Angie Harmon especially are somewhat wasted. If you are a real Jim Carrey fan then a rental may be in order, if not then leave well alone.

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