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by AVForums Jan 1, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Fun With Dick And Jane DVD Review
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    'Fun with Dick & Jane' makes an appearance on DVD looking decidedly dog-eared in this somewhat shoddy transfer. Presented in an anamorphic 1.85:1 ratio, the picture veers wildly through the full gamut of visual quality from respectably watchable to more grain than a bowl of Ian Botham's Shredded Wheat. The opening credits in particular display a picture so horrifically beaten that it looks like the print had been exhumed from a landfill site and then been ran over repeatedly by a steamroller driven by the world's fattest man. Fortunately things never get this bad again, although there are scenes where the quality takes a nosedive, and print damage and nasty pixilation rear their ugly heads. For the most part the film manages to maintain a level of palatable mediocrity, soft but secure. No doubt there's a limit as to how good you can make a relic like this look (especially on the shoestring budget this DVD was obviously produced with), and the film itself doesn't exactly do itself any favours. It's so horrifically seventies in its appearance it can't help but look crusty and dilapidated before you even take a fine toothed comb to the quality of the print. Colours seem relatively solid and well represented, although everything so well, seventies and brown that it's fairly impossible to tell. Picture a rainy afternoon in the house watching reruns of 'Columbo' on the telly and that's about how this looks.
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    In keeping with the decidedly lacklustre transfer, poor old Dick & Jane come a cropper in the audio department also, with only a middling mono 2.0 track to their name. The track itself is fairly typical of the time, being severely limited in aural scope and capability. At times it's depressingly thin, on other occasions its bass heavy to the point of distraction. The audio struggles with moments of extreme noise, meaning voices occasionally distort to Barry White levels at moments of on screen action. The inane seventies incidental music is also given an anaemic and reedy outing. All in all a fairly insipid mix, just about got out of jail by the relatively muscular bass which makes it sound at points like a more powerful track than it genuinely is.
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    Other than a trailer for the 2005 remake, that's all you're getting.
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    This is a difficult one to reach a definitive conclusion on. The film itself is a hugely enjoyable bit of seventies kitsch, and is certainly well worth investigation. On the other hand, be under no illusions this is certainly not a particularly good release by any stretch of the imagination, and the disc itself is quite a nasty beast. If the film is all you are after then this at a budget price might be worth investigation, those expecting a stellar release in the digital domain may wish to give it a miss.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £9.26

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