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by AVForums Feb 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Freddy vs. Jason Review
    Nobody really believed it would
    ever happen. Sure the idea
    had been touted around for
    what seemed like forever, and
    the end of Jason Goes to Hell: The
    Final Friday made a link between
    the two characters. But the chance
    of seeing the two biggest horror
    icons of the last 50 years going one
    on one on the big screen? Yeah, like
    that could ever happen!
    Well, you better believe it fanboy, as
    New Line finally stumped up the cash
    and delivered the goods with Freddy
    vs. Jason. Taking its cue from Freddy's
    Dead: The Final Nightmare, the film
    begins with Freddy (Robert Englund)
    still banished from the earthly realm.
    Nobody remembers him any more
    so his power has been completely
    diminished, which doesn't bode very
    well for his continuing plan of revenge
    against the denizens of Springwood.
    So, he finally comes up with a
    gruesome plan of action that utilises
    the talents of a certain Mr Jason
    Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger) to remind the
    local residents what fear really is. But
    when Jason starts stealing his kills,
    Freddy realises that his scheme might
    not be going exactly to plan.
    Freddy vs. Jason came in for a fair
    bit of stick on its theatrical release
    from both serious film critics and fans
    of either franchise. As a long-standing
    horror aficionado I'd like to set the
    record straight. Although even I would
    be hard pushed to describe Freddy vs.
    Jason as one of the best films of last
    year, I will argue long and hard with
    anyone who believes that there was
    a film that delivered more visceral
    thrills than this long-awaited team-up.
    OK, the teens (headed up by the
    remarkably buxom Monica Keena)
    are cookie-cutter slasher fodder, but
    who cares about them - they're only
    there for Freddy and Jason to kill.
    The whole point of this film is to watch
    two cinematic legends hack and slash
    their way through a variety of nobodies
    before facing off against one another
    in two hugely enjoyable showdowns.
    Apart from this, what makes the
    film work so well is director Ronny Yu.
    Showing the same visual flair he used to turn around the Child's Play
    franchise in Bride of Chucky, Yu
    ensures that even when Freddy and
    Jason aren't onscreen there is always
    something interesting to look at or
    some surprising visual trick. However,
    when the diabolical duo do make it
    to the screen (and thankfully, there's
    not much time when the presence of
    either one or the other isn't palpable)
    he really cuts loose with sequences
    that feel like the cinematic equivalent
    of a WWE pay-per-view main event.
    Freddy vs. Jason is not big or clever,
    but it is the most entertaining piece of
    cinema you'll see this side of Pirates
    of the Caribbean. In case you are
    wondering who wins, well we wouldn't
    spoil that for you, but in this reviewer's
    opinion the right man is left standing
    at the end of the brawl.

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