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by AVForums Feb 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Freddy vs. Jason Review
    Laydeees aaand Gentlemen welcome to the bout of the Century. The winner will be determined by a knockout, submission...or decapitation. Bring your own weapon of choice. Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) is in Hell. He feeds on fear; indeed he needs fear for his very existence. Problem is the stunningly gorgeous teenagers of Elm Street are no longer afraid of Freddy, and Elm Street has become a quiet place for the last four years. Any kid who remembers Freddy is locked away in a mental institution and fed with hypnotics so potent they prevent you from dreaming. So Freddy hatches a plan, he decides to play a little tag team with Jason Voorhees. You may know him from such blood fests as Friday the 13th I thru' VIII. By resurrecting Jason and sending him on a homicidal rampage he hopes to reignite the fear so he can grow strong and pick up where he left off. His plan works fine until Jason decides to hang around for a little killin' of his own. Then it's mano-a-mano as they face off against each other. Killer takes all.

    Director Ronny Yu (51st State, Bride of Chucky) brings a level of humour and visual style to this tired franchise that will have you chortling at the sheer ridiculousness of it all. Forget the plot, lets face it, it was always going to be just an excuse to see some good looking teenage cannon fodder running around trying to escape the murderous intent of Freddy “the fingers” Krueger. Plot holes aside then, what we do get is just that. Gallons and gallons of gore, and plenty of naked flesh, with some amusing dialogue and imaginative deaths (although not on a par with those from Final Destination parts I and II IMHO). What we don't get - rather unfortunately seeing as how it is supposed to be a horror movie - is scared. There is no tension, no anxiety, and no investment in the main leads, so we don't really care enough to be worried about them as they run down dark corridors or through deserted woodlands, or any one of the equally stupid things that people seem to do in this kind of movie. Yu, however, seems to realise this and keeps the fake blood flowing right up to the final “showdown” between two of the horror genres greatest homicidal maniacs. This fight is like some wild WWF King of The Ring tournament and forms a majestically gruesome climax to the movie. I think you have to be a certain age to enjoy this kind of schlock horror. Those of you of advancing years will find little here to enjoy, but if like me you are forty, going on fifteen, you will love it.

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