Freddy Vs Jason: DTS Edition DVD Review

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by Phil Hinton Apr 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Freddy Vs Jason: DTS Edition DVD Review


    This R3 edition of the movie provides an anamorphic transfer framed at 2.35:1. As a horror picture much of the action happens in the dark and thankfully contrast levels and shadow details are first rate. Colours look good with no signs of bleed or bloom apparent and very little edge enhancement is seen. Flesh tones (and there's plenty naked female flesh to look at), are natural and detailed with close ups showing off facial pores and lines. Overall it has that blockbuster sheen to the image and only a few macro blocking effects spoil what is a very good transfer to disc.
    Freddy Vs Jason: DTS Edition Picture


    The reason for importing this disc will be for the DTS ES soundtrack included on this R3 edition. The soundtrack in whatever flavour you choose is first rate with a large enveloping soundfield which is wide and detailed. Surrounds are used throughout for the score and placement effects during the numerous thunderstorms. The final battle scenes provide some heavy bass thumps as the blows are exchanged with imaginative use made of all channels to create a real 360 degree feel. Yes it is all over the top but that works well with this movie, everything is loud and in your face and highly enjoyable

    Comparing the DTS mix to the Dolby variety provides a few noticeable differences with the DTS track being about 4db louder and having a tighter and deeper bass extension. The track produces everything in a more detailed manner than the Dolby version with the music score benefiting from the extra dynamic feel. It is one of those rare occasions these days where the DTS track clearly shines and is the first choice and the reason for this is probably the over the top soundmix which seems to really benefit from the DTS encoding.
    Freddy Vs Jason: DTS Edition Sound


    The only disappointment with this edition is the lack of extras when compared to the Newline release in the states. What we get here are Trailer, TV Spots, Cast and crew and a photo gallery.
    Freddy Vs Jason: DTS Edition Extras


    Not as feature packed as the R1 disc but this edition has a great transfer and a cracking DTS track, the choice is yours.

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