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by AVForums Feb 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Freaky Friday Review
    Dr. Tess Coleman (Jamie-Lee Curtis) is a middle-aged single mother who is struggling to relate to Anna (Lindsay Lohan) her teenage daughter. They have different dress sense, values and interests. While Anna is keen to play in her rock band, Tess is preparing to marry again, throwing an already stormy relationship into further turmoil. After days of endless bickering and fighting a meal out at a Chinese restaurant, and a mystical fortune cookie conspire to force then to see each others point of view, literally, as they awake to find they are inhabiting each others body. Before they can be switched back they must first learn to respect and love one another.

    Well this is a Disney comedy aimed at a teen audience, so a certain element of schmaltz is to be expected. Thankfully however director Mark Waters keeps it to a minimum, and outstanding turns from Curtis and Lohan give this body swap, family comedy a nice edginess one may not of expected. Essentially a rehash of the Tom Hanks vehicle, Big, this contemporary version provides plenty of genuinely funny moments and the on screen rapport between Curtis and Lohan is feisty and warm-hearted, making it a perfectly believable mother/teenage daughter relationship. The contemporary setting and issues will ensure it strikes the right chords with a modern audience. One issue I found slightly creepy was the way the teenage boyfriend gets the hots for Tess (as Anna) when Anna (as Tess) dumps him. Despite this however the movie is enjoyable for parents and kids alike.

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