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by AVForums Jan 13, 2010 at 12:00 AM

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    Flawless Blu-ray Review
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    Flawless is presented in 1080P using the AVC codec and it's a solid encode.

    The 1960's appear true to style but for the most part it's filmed indoors in an office world environment. There's a lovely sombre and de-saturated look to the image with a tint of blue. Blacks and contrasts hold well and it's got some visual punch.

    There is also some excellent detail to the image and everything is most pleasingly crystal clear. You'll see the finest detail in the clothing and the textures and pores of the skin. The skin tones do however appear slightly off but this is due to the subdued colour palette in use. There's not a lot here to complain about otherwise though.

    I could not notice any edge enhancement or digital noise and it really is a clean image. In fact it's pristinely so. There's also a veneer of fine grain to cap it all off. A very cinematic effect for sure.

    All in all this one gets a thumbs up.

    Flawless Picture


    Well there's no prizes for guessing this is not your crash bang wallop fare. Such aficionados need not bother apply!

    To be frank the movie doesn't really suffer adversely from any of this. As I say you would hardly expect testosterone levels of discrete activity. This one is a dialogue centric film and its all front end anchored. There is very limited surround activity and ambience is solely generated through the use of the films score.

    The dialogue is very crisp and sounds beautifully balanced. Tonally it's accurate and the voices are very pleasing to the ear.

    Hmmm.... do I hear you say boring ? Well, no not quite. What you get here is an understated aural affair limited to a 5.1 sound track. It is however DTS-Master Audio so the quality and resolution is there for you to enjoy.

    Flawless Sound


    Disappointingly the disc only comes with one extra on board and it's presented in Standard Definition.

    Exploring the Facets : A behind the scenes look - 11mins 48secs - The writer Edward Anderson kicks it all off followed closely by the cast and director Michael Radford. They're all keen to express the class of the film and the ingenuity of the heist but you are of course the ultimate judge of all that. There's some good stuff about the production values and cinematography in it though. Apart from that there's no real surprises here and it's very much a standard behind the scenes look.

    Flawless Extras


    Michael Radford of 'il Postino' fame directs Flawless not unlike his masterpiece; opting for simplicity of approach. I'm not sure that this style lends itself completely to a heist movie and it's certainly a sombre move away from the norm you've probably become accustomed to of late. That's no bad thing if it works and in some ways it does here.

    Michael Caine and Demi Moore are an unlikely pairing but they both have big screen credentials to pull it off. The two lead roles, quite surprisngly, work well together but they are also excellently supported. Lambert Wilson is simply superb as is Joss Ackland. The whole thing appears simple and to the point but it works effectively nonetheless.

    The blu-ray disc is also quite a straightforward no nonsense package. It's marked Region A but it doesn't appear locked exclusively so and does play in a Region B machine. The video is excellent and you get rewarded with a lovely visual experience. The audio is not in the same league but it is more than adequately functional. I'm afraid if the movie leaves you wanting for more then there's not a lot of extras for you to peruse either. You've got all of 12 minutes.

    Flawless is directed and shot beautifully with a story that appears to come full circle in the end. It has all the pieces in some way or other and they seem to fit without leaving too many gaping holes in the storyline. Accept it for what it is you'll be pleasantly entertained, be far more critical it may not be your bag. The latter would in my mind be harsh and I don't think this one is deserving of that

    Flawless Verdict

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £29.98

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