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by AVForums Jan 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

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    Finding Nemo Review
    Pixar's Finding Nemo has
    already broken box-office
    records, and with a studio
    pedigree that includes the Toy
    Story films and Monsters, Inc. it is
    bound to be a smash on DVD too.
    Thankfully, this inevitable success is
    well deserved.
    After the death of his wife and all but
    one of his spawn, clown fish Marlin
    (Albert Brooks) is an overprotective
    single father. When it comes to the
    first day of school for his son Nemo
    (Alexander Gould), Marlin ends up
    embarrassing him in front of his new
    classmates. In an act of rebellion,
    Nemo is stolen away by divers and
    Marlin is forced to forget about his
    fears and work with the forgetful Dory
    (Ellen DeGeneres) to rescue his son.
    Compared to previous Pixar movies,
    Finding Nemo seems like a regression
    in storytelling terms: it is a simple
    'quest' story with both the hunter and
    the hunted learning something about
    themselves along the way. However,
    as with the studio's previous work, the
    incidental characters and gags bring
    the film to life. From Willem Dafoe's
    escape-obsessed aquarium fish, to a
    trio of sharks who are determined to
    be nice to their fellow fish, Finding
    Nemo is full of wonderful moments
    that will stay with you long after the
    credits roll.

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