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by Phil Hinton Mar 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Fight Club: Special Edition DVD Review


    Presented in anamorphic 2.40:1 widescreen the image is very nearly reference quality and the print looks very clean and free from dirt or scratches. The image is very dark, not unlike its subject matter with blacks looking solid and the colour palette being subdued and washed out. This is all intentional and shadow detail is first rate throughout with close ups containing plenty to please with facial pores and lines standing out well.

    Overall comparing this edition with my R1 copy I could not see any real differences between the two as both are very good transfers and present the film in the best possible manner.
    Fight Club: Special Edition Picture


    So this is the reason you want the disc, a half bit rate DTS soundtrack presentation of one very good movie sound mix. Fight Club sounds superb whatever format you listen to it in; there are so many stand out moments within the mix that it is hard to find any fault at all. The Plane crash will catch you out with its brilliant surround panning and heavy LFE effects, just listen to those passengers flying out of the side of the plane as papers and magazines blow about around your head. Or what about our two main characters sitting chatting and the echo of the room filling your listening position, or the brilliant bass heavy Dust Brothers score? There really are some great grin inducing elements in here, but does the DTS track improve on the already brilliant Dolby Digital track?

    Well if I am completely honest the difference between the two sound formats is very small indeed, in fact at times you will be hard pressed to notice any difference at all. Both sound formats produce the goods and surprisingly there is no difference in db levels either, only now and again did the DTS track show a slightly deeper LFE feel, but that is it. Don't let this put you off buying Fight Club on DVD as the sound mix is very good indeed, this reviewer just couldn't tell any difference between DD and DTS on this edition.
    Fight Club: Special Edition Sound


    The only extras missing from this edition are three commentary tracks on the R1 disc, otherwise everything is present and correct. On disc one is a commentary track with Director Fincher and actors Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helen Bonham Carter.Moving onto disc two and each section is arranged into groups like Marketing, Behind the Scenes, Multi angle storyboards and scenes and Deleted Scenes. Within these sections are featurettes, trailers, interviews and Cast and Crew information.

    All the extras and menus are in English and the subtitles are not forced, all in all this set is almost identical to the R1 & R2 editions.
    Fight Club: Special Edition Extras


    Fight Club is an brilliant movie and this DVD contains excellent picture, sound and extras. There is one cut to the movie to remove a male nudity scene and the disc drops three commentary tracks available on the R1 edition, but this DVD does include a DTS soundtrack in their place, so the decision to import is up to you.

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