FIFA 14 Legacy Edition Vita Review

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Not a patch on the real thing.

by Ben Ingber Nov 11, 2013 at 8:58 AM

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    FIFA 14 Legacy Edition Vita Review
    SRP: £39.99

    It’s important to note that FIFA 14 Legacy Edition is not the same as the fully-featured and updated FIFA 14 that’s out now on the consoles and PC.

    Rather, the “Legacy Edition” is the limited and mechanically outdated version of the game that EA have seen fit to release for the Vita, 3DS, PS2(!) and Wii.

    It seems in this crazy new world of marketing doublespeak, “Legacy Edition” somehow translates to “unchanged from last year”. For your hard-earned £39.99 you get exactly the same gameplay as the portable version of FIFA 13, which you may well recall was only a slightly tweaked version of the game you played the year before that.

    Nintendo tried to spin all this as positively as they could in their eShop Game Overview, which reads: “[FIFA 14 Legacy Edition] delivers unmatched authenticity that reflects the current football season with updated kits and rosters but no updates to gameplay or game modes.”

    FIFA 14 Legacy Edition

    In other words, you pay full price for the latest sponsors on shirts, and up to date transfers. As such, FIFA 14 Legacy Edition represents a new low for an industry already up to its neck in dubious business practices, and reinforces the perception of EA as the moustache-twirling villain of the videogame world.

    Hardcore fans of the series will no doubt know what they are getting into before they buy. But I wonder how many unwitting family members and friends will pick FIFA 14 Legacy Edition up for that person they know who’s a gamer/football fan without any understanding of what they’re buying.

    After all, the packaging doesn’t exactly make it clear. The front of the box says “Legacy Edition” with an asterisk, but the associated comment is on the rear of the box, where it states “Updated kits and rosters only”.

    FIFA 14 Legacy Edition represents a new low for an industry already up to its neck in dubious business practices.

    And it gets worse. The claim that FIFA 14 Legacy Edition “reflects the current season with updated [...] rosters” isn’t even true. At least, not out of the box. When you first fire the game up there are loads of players missing from the most recent transfer window (the most important of whom is obviously Mesut Özil…). So if you’re unable to download the patch, you’re left with a half-updated FIFA 13.

    Oh, but that's not all. You might reasonably expect that along with the updated rosters, you might get updated statistics. But player stats appear to be identical to those of FIFA 13. EA have done nothing more than move players from Team A to Team B. It’s not even like a stats overhaul would have required a lot of work: the new data is all there in the fully-fledged FIFA 14 on the consoles. For £39.99, we would have hoped they’d have bothered to copy a few numbers from one database to another (see before and after shots below).

    FIFA 14 Legacy Edition
    FIFA 14 Legacy Edition

    Beyond the lack of any updates since FIFA 13, it’s important to note that the handheld version of FIFA has always been - and therefore remains - somewhat feature-light. The most notable omission is the PC and consoles’ Ultimate Mode, which is a huge attraction to the modern incarnation of the franchise.

    The list of what’s wrong with the game goes on. The gameplay was acceptable a few years ago but with no significant updates since FIFA’s first outing on the Vita, it feels dated by the standards of FIFA 14 proper.

    The online mode is laggy and as infested with rage-quitters as it ever was. And worse, the pointless release of a new version of the game needlessly splits the playerbase, so anyone foolish enough to invest in this rip-off won’t be able to play against people who sensibly didn’t, even though it’s essentially the same game.

    In short: FIFA 14 Legacy Edition is an absolute disgrace.


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    FIFA 14 Legacy Edition Vita Review

    In case I haven't been clear enough, let me put it like this:

    Do not buy this game.

    Do not allow anyone you know to buy this game.

    Even if you don’t own FIFA 13 on the Vita, do not buy this game because this kind of thing should not be legitimised.

    Did I mention you shouldn't buy this game?

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £39.99

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