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by AVForums Nov 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Fellinis Casanova DVD Review
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    For a 1970's movie, the image here is reasonable at best. It has been re-mastered for this version but there is still an incredible amount of grain making this look more like it was from the 50's. It is presented in anamorphic widescreen with a ratio of 1.78:1 and despite the grain does have nice bold colours which show up the lavish sets and groteseque characters very well.
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    I started watching this movie with the Italian Dolby Digital 2.0 soudtrack however swapped over to the English DD2.0 as this seemed to better match Sutherlands speech and the subtitles did not match the dialogue that well. Both soundtracks (and the French DD2.0 for that matter) sound roughly the same and none really stood out as being the better option. The sound is pretty poor on all the tracks, having no depth, bass or stereo imagery to speak of.
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    There are no extras on disc 1, however on disc 2 there are two documentaries and one photo gallery. The first documentary entitled “Casanova, Fellini and Me” (45m25s) is new to this release and is an interview with Donald Sutherland where he recalls his time making the movie and working with Fellini. I didn't enjoy the movie itself, but listening to Sutherland talk was much more enjoyable and he comes across as a very intelligent, sensitive man so I was glad that I at least gained an insight into this man from watching this. The second documentary is a more conventional affair titled “The Magic of Fellini” (53m26s) and has interviews with various co-collaborators from throughout his career. This documentary looks at his other films and studies the man himself - certainly essential viewing for fans of his work. Finally on this disc there is a photo gallery of stills from Casanova itself.
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    Fellini's Casanova is obviously highly regarded by many and deserves it's place in cinema's rich history at least for it's originality and creativity, however as a piece of entertainment I was left feeling that the appeal of this movie is niche at best. The presentation of the DVD itself is limited by the source material so one can't really complain about the audio or video quality and the extra's although sparse are interesting and informative. Empire got it right “A must for all Fellini aficionados”. Not sure about the rest of us though.
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