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by AVForums Aug 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

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    Fear of Intimacy's picture can be at times quite horrible. For a start, the picture is non-anamorphic and loses clarity when blowing up to a full 16:9 ratio on my television. The picture is totally unpredictable. One minute it is fairly clear and stable then some scenes are invaded by the dreaded artefacts. The film also has print damage through-out, speckles flick onto the screen and become very annoying. As a low key drama, this doesn't really spoil the show, but after some faultless visual presentations from Hong Kong discs I am a bit disappointed.
    Fear Of Initmacy Picture


    Two soundtracks are available on the disc, Cantonese and Mandarin. Both are recorded in Dolby Digital 2.0 and both sound pretty good. As mentioned above, the film is fairly talky and the dialogue is clear through the left and right speakers. The incidental music is however, truly horrible and some of it sounds like it was recorded at home on a kid's organ. Saying that, it is mixed well into the soundtrack but it is grating on the ears and I wish there was an audio option to watch the film with dialogue only, it is that bad.
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    Fear of Intimacy has a number of text based extras, unfortunately all written in Chinese. The Director's message, character info and production crew details are all in Chinese (with some English names) so unless you can read Chinese they won't be much good to you I'm afraid. The trailers and TV spots sell the film as thriller, which it isn't really, but they are well put together. Finally, there is a selection of production photos, which frankly are not too bad at all.
    Fear Of Initmacy Extras


    Not a thriller, more of a drama and a well acted and directed one at that. It isn't a bad film but one I found boring for a majority of the running time, therefore not one I would recommend. I will again mention Tony Leung's performance, it is that good. It's a shame you can't lift it and put it in a better film. It is Mr. Leung's performance that garners the film an extra point overall.
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