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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Fat Slags DVD Review
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    The transfer for this movie is actually quite good. Colours are bold and vivid, with fluorescent greens and pinks practically glowing off the screen, flesh tones are natural with reasonable depth of detail. Dark colours, which are used for the grim North, are suitable dark and deep, although in some areas the detail gets lost. Edge enhancement is noticeable giving it a slightly superimposed image in places, with minor halos present but these don't detract too much from the image. The print is clean, clear and crisp however, with no dust or specks present (but then it probably didn't show at many cinemas either).
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    Dialogue is clear and crisp, sadly, although it could do with a slight volume boost, as the rest of the channels are slightly louder in comparison. LFE gets most of the workout during the fart and belch type jokes, when it rumbles nicely, but other than music and the occasional ambient sound effect (which is nicely handled), the surrounds don't get too much of a workout. Channel separation is clear and distinct, but it's not the most involving soundtrack either. Still it does the job well enough.
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    Extras weren't available on the review disk. However the extras will consist of the trailer, featurette, sound bites and B-Roll footage.< p>
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    The only reason it gets a 1 is that I'm sure a 0 isn't allowed, but if it were, it would get it without fail. Sure the transfer quality is nice enough and sound is reasonable, but with a film in dire need of the death penalty, why bother? There's honestly not a single redeeming feature to this travesty of cinema. Maybe you should see this if you want to know how bad, truly bad movies can get. Save yourselves, as it's sadly far too late for me. I deserve an award for services to humanity by helping you avoid this.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £19.99

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