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by AVForums Feb 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Take thirteen pop star wannabes; put them up in a mansion worth £35 million; force upon them vocal coaching and a regime of exercise starting at 08.30 am every morning, all the while making sure their every movement and utterance is recorded twenty four hours a day and then eliminate them, one by one over a period of ten weeks - until you're finally left with a winner who will receive a £1 million recording contract plus a swanky apartment and you end up with Fame Academy - Year Of 2003

    I watched most of the series when it was on BBC1, but found myself enjoying the “inmates” torment all over again! There's something about the warm, smug feeling that one feels when the public agree with your choice of eviction! By contrast there is also a strange cathartic effect brought about by screaming at the TV as the “best” student is unceremoniously dumped, week after week. Alas, any tension that was built during each week's TV show is completely lost with the transfer to DVD, leaving the viewer to watch a “video diary” style edited version. I did enjoy my little trip down memory lane, but the way the DVD has been put together means there are few surprises and it quickly becomes apparent who will be leaving each week long before the vote takes place.

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