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Evil Breed: The Legend Of Samhain DVD Review

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by AVForums Oct 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Evil Breed: The Legend Of Samhain DVD Review
    SRP: £15.99


    Oh dear. The back of the box that the disks came in say “Digitally Mastered”, but I think they neglected to mention that it was probably by a 3 year old. Blacks are dark grey, the whole picture has a bizarre graininess to it and the detail levels are abysmal. Flesh tones look mottled, due to the grain and there's more haloing than a choir of angels. On the plus side, the print has no dust spots or scratches. No I'm lying - it has some of them too - sorry, but this is the second worst picture I've ever seen on DVD.
    Evil Breed: The Legend Of Samhain Picture


    Nothing exciting here either, with a stereo soundtrack that even Dolby PLIIx decoding couldn't lift from being bland. On the positive side, it is clear and you can hear the dialogue clearly over the music when both are playing. On the negative side, you can hear the dialogue. Functional but then, who cares when the movie is this bad?
    Evil Breed: The Legend Of Samhain Sound


    None on the promo disk. Thankfully.
    Evil Breed: The Legend Of Samhain Extras


    Makes “House of the Dead” look like Halloween. I'd advise not buying it. Heck, I'd avoid watching it for free or accepting it as a gift. It's just abysmal.

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