Eurotrip: Unrated DVD Review

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by Phil Hinton May 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Eurotrip: Unrated DVD Review
    SRP: £28.99


    Picture quality on this 1.85:1 transfer is average. The print looks clean enough and the encoding is good. There are signs of edge enhancement in the brighter scenes but nothing overly distracting and the colour palette is reasonably well saturated. A very average transfer for a new movie, nothing bad and certainly nothing outstanding to report.
    Eurotrip: Unrated Picture


    Mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1 the soundtrack compliments the on screen action well. There are no surround moments as such with the rear speakers mainly creating ambiance and background effects. Music sounds dynamic with good panning effects across the front three channels, LFE is used now and again to underpin certain sound effects. Overall a standard dialogue driven sound mix.
    Eurotrip: Unrated Sound


    The extras list looks quite impressive on paper, but once you start to explore you soon realise most of the features are repetitive and nothing more than PR fluff. The commentary track is good fun and interesting with some added jokes and humour. The writers explain how they selected a director; they put names in a hat and drew out the winner. The gag reel features some entertaining outtakes and the deleted scenes including the alternate ending are fun. Also included are a music video and a sing-a-long version of Scotty Doesn't Know as well as a trailer for the soundtrack album, cast and crew bios, the option to select the scenes with nudity and the unrated chapters. Nothing outstanding and you will only watch these once, if at all.
    Eurotrip: Unrated Extras


    The film is fun with some laugh out loud moments to savour, picture and sound are average and the extras forgettable. If you're a fan of the American Pie series then buy, if not then I would suggest a rental.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £28.99

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