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by Casimir Harlow Jul 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Eros DVD Review
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    Playable as one movie, the transfer across all three is a solid 1.78:1 aspect ratio anamorphically enhanced offering. The quality is good at all times, with good detail but a few more moments of softness than you would have expected - mainly on the Wong Kar Wai section, but that's probably because he intended them. There is a little edge enhancement from time to time, but nothing too serious and the picture seems devoid of any other digital artefacts. The colour scheme varies from piece to piece, with the first section having a slightly grimy, rainy look, the middle part looking like an old black and white photo bleached brown by the sun and the final section shot more naturalistically that the others. All of the colours are generally represented well and the blacks are solid and deep, evidenced best by the shadow-laden opening chapter.
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    Similarly there is a single main soundtrack, recorded in both Mandarin, for the first part by Wong Kar Wai, then English for the second and third parts. The dialogue is always clear and accessible through the frontal array but - to be honest - there is little else on offer here. The Hand has a few street scenes that provide some minor observation of ambient effects and the final chapter has some crashing waves towards the end, but these shorts are not particularly effects-laden. Not that I'm complaining, content-wise, it's just there's not a great deal for the six speakers to do. The score is most prominent in the opening chapter, perfectly in line with the score from Wong Kar Wai's trilogy and Equilibrium has less music to play with but overall the soundtrack never detracts from the shorts themselves. There are optional English subtitles which you will probably need for the first third and which are, for the most part, pretty accurate.
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    All we get is a trailer for this compilation film and a databank of brief details about the cast and crew.
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    Eros is an interesting little compilation of different works by famous directors, offering up two solid endeavours and a weaker third part, but overall being well worth a watch. The video is solid and the audio presentation adequate even if the extras let the side down a little. The nice thing about the package is that it gives you a taste of what each director is like, so if you haven't sampled the talents of Wong Kar Wai yet then this should show you a little of what you are missing. The same probably goes for Soderbergh's effort, even if it does not quite stand up for Antonioni's concluding part. Of course, if you are familiar with these directors - and you like their work - then this is a worthy and, possibly, essential addition to your collection.
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