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by AVForums Mar 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Who would have thought that Michael Crichton's original idea for an Emergency Room hospital drama would do the rounds for nearly twenty years before eventually being picked up by NBC - who had the intention of creating a one off two hour “made-for-TV-movie”? Trying to imagine ER as anything but the long running, multi award winning series it has become is virtually impossible and thankfully Mr. Crichton had the where-with-all to stick with his vision of how the show should be made.

    This first series makes for absolutely addictive viewing; filmed at breakneck speed with practically flawless characterisation by all concerned ER has it all - one moment your emotions are tugged one way as you fear the worst for the poor woman, having previously suffered two heart attacks, who is rushed into the Emergency Room complaining of chest pains - then your fears are suddenly allayed as she lets rip an enormous burp.........heart attack? Nah - she had wind is all! But of course this works both ways, and there were many times I found myself chuckling away at some ridiculous scenario when my emotions did a quick somersault as the humorous situation all at once became deadly serious with talk of gunshot wounds or some deadly disease.

    For me it's this ability - to draw the viewer in and take you along for the ride - that makes ER the phenomenon it undoubtedly has become; laugh, cry, cheer, cringe - I did them all.........twice in each episode.

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