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Empire Review

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by AVForums Nov 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Empire Review
    The plot of Empire might feel
    unoriginal, but exploring the
    story through Latino eyes
    gives it a new perspective
    that is surprisingly effective.
    Set in the South Bronx, the film finds
    John Leguizamo playing Victor Rosa,
    a gangster determined to break free
    from his criminal past as a pusher
    and start a new life with his girlfriend
    Carmen (Delilah Cotto). Victor thinks
    he has lucked out when his is offered
    a great opportunity by investment
    banker Jack (Peter Sarsgaard) and
    his girlfriend Trish (Denise Richards).
    But Victor is about to learn that his
    new lifestyle is going to cost a lot
    more than he ever bargained for.
    Leguizamo finally gets the chance to
    carry an entire movie on his talented
    shoulders and manages it with ease.