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by Casimir Harlow Feb 1, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Elizabethtown DVD Review
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    Elizabethtown is presented in a clean-cut 1.78:1 aspect ratio anamorphically enhanced widescreen transfer. The detail is generally fantastic throughout, with total clarity, no noticeable softness, very little grain and no signs of edge enhancement. The colour scheme is quite lovely and warming - not overly sunny but nevertheless sumptuous, with rich, vibrant settings and luscious greens. Blacks are solid and deep and allow for decent shadowing, or - at the very least - decent suits. Overall it is a fairly excellent transfer with no signs of print damage whatsoever.
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    We get quite a decent Dolby Digital 5.1 track to accompany the movie, with dialogue - including Bloom's occasional mumbling narration - coming across fairly clearly and coherently. Although not the kind of movie to have any particularly noteworthy effects, some of the plane and car noises are expansive and the more subtle, ambient noises of the surroundings are observed quite well (even though they are generally more dominant across the frontal array than the rears). The score and song music on the soundtrack is easily the most prominent and powerful aspect of the mix, with plenty of quaint and perfectly suitable music added in to give the movie a Garden State feel.
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    First up we get a Training Wheels Feature that is just over two minutes in length and is basically a collection of b-roll footage and outtakes cut to a music track from the main movie. Watch-once stuff, but thankfully not too long.

    The Meet the Crew Featurette is almost as short and gives us a glimpse of various members of the crew, including the Director, once again showing us behind the scenes footage of them in action, with subtitled labels telling you who they are. Once more it is cut to a track from the movie and seems slightly pointless, but it is still probably quite in-line with the style of the production.

    There are two Extended Scenes: Rusty's Learning to Listen Part 8 and Hanging with Russell in Memphis, the first being merely an extension of the odd video clip that the kids are enthralled by halfway through the movie and the second being seven-minute version of the Memphis road-trip. Both look more like b-roll footage than final film stuff, with lots of clacker boards and alternate takes rather than one final extended cut. Although it's nice of them to have bothered to include it, it probably does not add anything to your enjoyment of the movie.

    The extensive Photo Gallery is split into several sub-sections, covering various key parts of the movie and also some behind the scenes segments.

    Finally we get two of the original Theatrical Trailers, both of which paint the picture quite accurately, although you could probably live without having let them spoil the whole story for you.
    Elizabethtown Extras


    Cameron Crowe has done it again with Elizabethtown. It is sweet and heart-warming, without ever having to resort to the kind of cheesy antics that you would expect from a romantic comedy-drama. It is a beautiful, thoughtful and highly watchable movie that is singularly exemplary in that it actually showcases the wooden Orlando Bloom acting. With a decent transfer, quite a good soundtrack and a few extras to round off the disc, it is well worth taking a risk on. This one is deserving of more than just a rental, stick it in your collection and enjoy having it as a part of your life.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £19.99

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