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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

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    Picture is on the whole good. Grain is kept to a minimum and colour saturation is high (sometimes unnaturally so). Black levels are very high but detail in darker scenes is sometimes compromised due to a kind of 'filling in' of shadow areas. It is almost like certain areas have had black 'poured' into them covering all delineation and definition which should be apparent. Brighter lit scenes look fine with plenty of detail and low levels of edge enhancement whilst still remaining sharp.
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    The DTS soundtrack is awesome. It's as if the makers know the film itself is a duffer so they put more effort into the picture and sound quality to help sell more copies. It may well work in this case as the sound alone will make you watch this stinker again just to feel the bass kick you in the chest and hear the wiz of arrows, daggers and other projectiles fly through the air. Voicing is clear and channel separation is exemplary. The DTS soundtrack is noticeably better than that of the Dolby Digital one, mainly in the Bass and channel separation department. The Dolby Digital soundtrack is also very good but if you have the option of DTS, use it !
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    A lacklustre collection of extras which have little of any real interest. There are some deleted scenes which should have been deleted off the disc itself, let alone from the movie! They are sleep inducingly boring. The “Making of Elektra” featurette features interviews with Jennifer Garner and Director Rob Bowman but go into little detail of the actual process of making this movie, more just skating over the story itself. “Inside The Editing Room” looks at how some scenes are edited to produce the best results and Jennifer Garner's Comic-Con Presentation is basically a plea to all die-hard Elektra comic-book fans to like this movie (seems a little desperate to me!) Rounding it off are a couple of trailers for the American series Family Guy and American Dad.
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    With a good picture and stunning sound, I would so much like to recommend this movie to you but unfortunately I just cannot. The movie itself is a very poor 'B movie' effort and reminds of one of those 'straight to video' releases that the makers know would flop at the cinema. The actors all look like they wish they hadn't signed up for this affair and believable it ain't! Fans of Jennifer Garner may want to give it a viewing as may those who enjoyed Daredevil. But for those who are expecting a quality comic book fantasy such as Blade, don't bother! Definitely a renter.

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