Edward Scissorhands Review

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by Phil Hinton Nov 1, 2000 at 12:00 AM

    Edward Scissorhands Review
    Into a typical American small town comes Edward Scissorhands, the freakish creation of an eccentric inventor. Unfinished and fitted with blades instead of fingers, his physical appearance is not the only thing to set him apart from his neighbours; his talents for cutting hair, making paper dolls and designing topiary make him an instant sensation. But with an innocence borne of lack of exposure to the real world, he finds himself at the mercy of the jealousies and pettiness of his adopted town.
    One of Tim Burton's most personal films, this urban fairytale mixes the gothic gloom of Batman and Sleepy Hollow with a skewed view of the realities behind the smalltown myth. Johnny Depp is wonderful as the shy and innocent Edward, and Dianne Wiest richly funny as the Avon lady who saves him from a lonely existence in his dead creator's castle. Winona Ryder is perhaps miscast as the love interest Kim, but there's a rich cast of supporting actors and no end of comic invention and novelty. Though Tim Burton isn't to everyone's taste, this is unmissable.

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