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by Simon Crust Jan 18, 2007 at 12:00 AM

    Edison DVD Review
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    The disc has been given an anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 transfer that put simply is an insult to the DVD medium. The picture is dull and lifeless, with drab colours and even worse blacks, I didn't spot a decent black once. The detail is soft, and smothered in grain, I even spotted a few marks from the original print. If DVD ever hopes to compete against the latest format it needs to shape up and stop releasing material as poor as this. It's not the worst I've seen, but it is pretty damn dire.....

    Edison Picture


    Thankfully here is something to be positive about, an English Dolby Digital 5.1 track that is really quite lively. There is plenty of surround ambience from the rears, with a good range and bass levels, the many, many songs that make up the sound track are very well represented. Effects are steered nicely around the room, there were even a couple of good LF effects too. Of course the rest of the disc is so bad, anything up against it is going to shine, and this sound track does just that. It is decent enough, but cannot rescue a dire product.

    Edison Sound


    First up there is a Making of featurette entitled Absolute Power, I started watching this but very soon got fed up, was mainly talking heads and all seemed very enthused about the project, I guess none of them had seen it at the time of recording, sorry to say I never finished this.

    Only other extra to wet your whistle is a trailer, hardly worth the effort.

    Edison Extras


    Ok, we all have to take the good with the bad; well this disc is bad, really bad. There is nothing to recommend about this title, save the sound track, and to listen to that you have to sit through the film, it is not worth it; in fact forget you even read this review.

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    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £15.99

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