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by AVForums Nov 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

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    Rather poor, actually. The picture is 1.33:1 - something of a throwback for me. Therefore you are immediately loosing quality if you stretch the picture, so I left it un-touched in the centre of my screen. Colours are fine, though there is a lighter feel to them, almost as if the brightness has been turned up four or five notches on my TV (which it hasn't). The picture isn't overly sharp, either, and nor is it noise free. In short, Dr 90210 isn't going to be chosen by Sim2 for demoing their new projectors.
    Dr. 90210: Season 1 Picture


    Again, nothing special. You are basically listening to people talk. Dr 90210 is not going to be stretching your sub anytime so, nor your rear speakers from the Dolby Digital 2.0 mix. The dialog is clear, and some of the more squelchy operations sound suitably wet, but otherwise there is little to add here.
    Dr. 90210: Season 1 Sound


    The outtakes are not nearly as funny as you would expect and the extra stories are simply more of the same stuff found in the episodes proper. In other words there is virtually no extra content.
    Dr. 90210: Season 1 Extras


    There are some truly shallow moments in this series, but there is also a charm, as I mentioned above, and depth that keeps drawing me in. Dr 90210 is not nearly as bad as I had thought, but the boxset itself is rather disappointing.
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