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by AVForums Apr 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Dot The I DVD Review
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    Ok, here's where it all goes downhill. There's nothing overly wrong with the picture quality, as skin tones are natural and colours are bright and vivid, with no colour bleed. I noticed occasional artefacts on the screen and as this is on a single layer DVD, maybe they would have benefited from the extra storage to correct this niggle. The picture has a slight grain to it, but it is a low budget movie and arguably (knowing the whole story) adds to its charm. However the print does suffer from dust specks and at one time there is obvious damage to the print, although it only happens for a split second. I can't recommend the print as it isn't up to par.
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    Although it's flagged as a 5.1 soundtrack, you could have fooled me totally as it's primarily front heavy, with minor use of the rears. In fact, it's so minor, I wondered if the cables had fallen out! Thankfully though, the soundtrack is clear and crisp, although I would have preferred a louder centre channel, as there were moments that the fronts were considerably louder. Having said that, dialogue is clear throughout and as this is essentially dialogue driven, it's a shame the fronts were just a little too over bearing, in some parts, for my taste.
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    Other than opening with trailers for “The Door in the Floor” and “Vera Drake”, there are none.
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    It's hard to give a balanced score when the movie is particularly good, yet the DVD quality isn't as good as we are used to. OK, I may be a little harsh, but this is not THX certified and doesn't look like Nemo, so I feel justified with my view. Having said that, the movie is a rare treat, like Cube, which you never knew about, but after viewing you are glad you found out about it. I've not given anything away and you should simply watch this without knowing too much, otherwise, like other movies, it detracts. I'm glad I saw this and I'll definitely watch it again. If nothing else, rent this movie, as I wholeheartedly recommended it.
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