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by Phil Hinton Jun 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Die Another Day Review
    Die Another Day is the twentieth Bond feature film and was released in the franchises' 40th Anniversary. The film follows the tried and tested Bond formula and tries very hard to be a little darker this time around. There is nothing new in this story and it could be argued that the script on this outing is weaker than previous recent Brosnan efforts. In fact as the action moves into the final quarter of the movie it just gets plain silly and completely far fetched. Another problem with this latest effort is its larger reliance on CGI effects, with some such as the Ice Surfing scene looking very bad indeed. However the effects which have been done for real look simply amazing. The cars battling over the ice lake are breath taking in their scope and look, with some excellent editing effects which move the scene on with a sense of speed and danger.
    The movie has a promising start with Bond finally getting caught by the koreans and tortured. We have never seen Bond in this situation before and it sets a dark tone, which you hope will continue through the movie. But once Bond gets out and is back to what he does best there is a feeling of something missing, humour. The film just doesn't have the same blend of action and humour that we are accustomed to. Saying that the story is engaging enough, Bond is betrayed whilst in prison and sets out to find who it was. He teams up with an American agent, Jinx (Halle Berry) as they trace a business man with connections with the North Korean weapons dealing for diamonds. As they get closer to the truth, the action gets more intense leading to the most far fetched, and badly executed endings in Bond history. The movie is well paced with some truly brilliant action set pieces and this Bond movie maybe bigger than what have gone before, but bigger doesn't always mean better.

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