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by AVForums Sep 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Demoniac Flash is a strange title and an even stranger movie lurks within. Things start off okay - Anthony Wong plays Mo, who after seeing his son run down by a large truck immediately finds himself struck down with a severe case of what is clearly neurotic paralysis, although this kind of gives the game away later on in the movie. And so the horror begins... or at least what is clearly meant to be horror. The ingredients are here - tormented father; attractive female co-star, Nicola Cheung (May), who suffers a rather distressing case of nightmarish dream premonitions; May's love interest - played by Ken Wong Hap-Hei (NAME HERE) - and Ken Wong's sister and social worker Natalie Ng, who unfortunately seems much more like a screaming schoolgirl than a social worker. Despite these mainstay elements, what transpires is a hotchpotch of scenes thrown together in something that clearly aspires to reach the style and intelligence of movies such as A Tale Of Two Sisters and Juon: The Grudge. Sadly, Demoniac Flash fails miserably, and we're left with a bit of a pointless waste of time.

    Somehow the main characters find themselves thrown together in what is, ultimately, a rather haphazard fashion and the storyline - what little of it there is - simply doesn't flow at all and merely comes across as terribly disjointed and confusing. The loosely translated English subtitles don't help matters, and with such a vast array of grammatical errors causing “Hang on a second, that doesn't make sense” moments, I found myself pausing the movie and rewinding for a second attempt at trying to get my head around what was going on.

    Quite why Anthony Wong, a stalwart of some 130 films, would agree to participate in this horror of a movie is beyond me - perhaps he wanted to buy a new house, or maybe he is a friend of director Tony Leung Hung-Wah and was doing the guy a favour. One thing's for sure - Mr. Wong has done himself no favours at all appearing in this mess. Demoniac Flash is as frightening as watching Rambo having a massage... and nowhere near as entertaining.

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