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by AVForums Sep 26, 2007 at 12:00 AM

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    Delta Farce Blu-ray Review
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    I think that bland is going to be used an awful lot during this review. Of course, expectations for a transfer like this are never going to be great. It was a low budget film, and was never a hit. However, as a modern film it is never going to look particularly bad on HD.

    This transfer certainly has none of the problems associated with some of the transfers I have seen on HD formats. Grain is non existent, and colours are bright and vibrant. Blacks are certainly solid - and contrast is sharp. Background details are brought to life well by the transfer, and shadow detail is pleasing.

    However, the transfer lacks the 3D “pop” that a truly breathtaking 3D transfer should have. Of course, it always looks better than a standard DVD (not something I can say about every HD transfer I have viewed) but some problems with noise in the image, and also some dirt specs do rather detract from the overall experience.

    This is far from being bad, then - but is also not amongst the best that the format has to offer. It is just (forgive me) bland....
    Delta Farce Picture


    In a rather bizarre decision, Delta Farce joins the recent Van Wilder in getting an uncompressed 7.1 PCM soundtrack. Most people will be unable to decode this however, so for the purpose this review I listened to the Dolby Digital EX track. And again, that key word rears it's ugly head.

    This is no criticism of the disc producers, but the sound design of this film just makes no use of the surround field whatsoever. The potential for whistling bullets and vehicles moving around the soundscape is there, but again it seems that the budget has restricted the film-makers.

    There is the very occasional use of the rears for effects, but to be honest this sounds false. It is almost as if a stereo mix has been “upscaled” to a 5.1 mix. Even the front stereo portion of this mix is imprecise, but the vocals are pinned well to the center. The sub gets the occasional work-out but is not used anywhere near as much as it could have been.

    To sum up then, the disc producers have at least made some effort - but the source material seems to have seriously hampered their attempt at creating a dynamic mix.
    Delta Farce Sound


    Delta Farce hits Blu-ray on the same day as the SD edition. It shares all the extras that the SD has, but very generously adds some HD only exclusive extras.

    First up is a rather boring and dull audio commentary from the Director. These are not my favourite extras as a rule, and this was a real struggle to get through. He is rather dry and uninspiring.

    Then we get four short featurettes that mix chats with the stars and filmmakers alongside brief behind the scenes footage and clips from the film. Lacking insight, these are your typical promotional fluff, and last between four and eight minutes each.

    All the extras so far also appear on the SD release, but we also get some HD exclusive extras, which is a very good thing in these early days - even if the standard is not that great. We get five deleted scenes, but again these are insubstantial - lasting a total of four minutes. So don't expect too much. Finally, we get a Photo Gallery (an extra that is often left off HD discs, so it's good to see it here) and two more featurettes Mr. Chilli : Too Hot for TV and The Men of Delta Farce Support the Troops. Again these are watch once and forget extras.
    Delta Farce Extras


    Lacking any kind of cutting edge whatsoever, Delta Farce is simply an unfunny, bland attempt at a comedy which takes a promising concept and utterly wastes it.

    This is yet another example of a bad film getting a lot of effort thown at it however, with a 7.1 PCM Surround Mix and a bunch of exclusive HD extras. Unfortunately, the sound mix is let down by poor design and the extras are brief and insubstantial.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.79

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