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by AVForums Oct 11, 2008 at 12:00 AM

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    Deception Blu-ray Review
    SRP: £24.79


    Presented in it's original theatrical aspect ratio of 2.35:1 and encoded at 1080P using the AVC-MPEG 4 method, the picture quality on this 50gig Blu-ray disc is a fine example of what can be achieved on the format.

    Colours appear to leap from the screen and are bold and vibrant - giving the picture an almost three dimensional look to it. Skin tones are accurate natural with Scottish pink standing out against tinsel town brown when the two leading men are onscreen together.

    The contrast is spot on and shadow detail is immense. The amount of detail that one of these well authored discs can reveal is astonishing at times. Actors real ages are revealed as we can now peer through the make up at the age lines and crowsfeet around the eyes! Stitching on clothing becomes part of the set rather than a secondary detail that you can't see because it's blurry. Individual leaves on trees can be picked out at distance - I'm sure if you look hard enough, in the Central Park scene, you'll be able to see what's going on in one of the office windows overlooking the set!

    Yes, there's grain. But this just means that the disc has been kept free from any DNR practices and is as was shown in cinemas.

    In my opinion, this is a reference quality disc on the picture side of things - detail and colour accuracy being the high points.

    Deception Picture


    Coming by way of Fox Home Entertainment, this disc is provided with the customary lossless track in the form of a DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 track. And whilst at first glance you would think that this isn't the kind of film that's going to ring bells in your home cinema, like me, you would be wrong. But, as with the picture quality, it's the attention to detail - and the amount of detail contained within - that sets this soundtrack apart.

    Being a dialogue heavy film, you'll be pleased to hear that that particular aspect of the show is nigh on perfect. Even words spoken at a whisper are easily audible and not once did I lose track of the plot due to a lost conversation.

    the surround channels are used to great effect to bring the ambience of a busy New York City into your viewing room. A bus passes from left to right as Ewan McGregors character is lining up his next conquest - it moves smoothly across the front soundstage and disappears stage right. But at no time does it drown out the main mans dialogue - that's anchored firmly to the centre channel and the replies to “are you doing anything tonight?” come back loud and clear...

    The LFE channel is used mainly for the score - which in itself is quickly forgotten. Not a movie for bass heads - but for those of you that appreciate the sound mixers job, you'll enjoy this mix immensely.

    Deception Sound


    Packed with all the supplements that come with the SD DVD, Blu-ray owners get a special treat by way of the one of the best PiP features I've ever seen - more later...lets get the rubbish out the way first!

    Directors Commentary. Dear of dear...OK, so this is director Marcel Langenegger first time at the helm of a major feature...but I think he should have handed commentary duties over to somebody else. It's not really a commentary as such - more of a guide for the blind. Lines like “Ewan will walk through the door any minute now.....THERE!!” kind of tell you what it's like and it really brings nothing to the film making process table.

    If there are any budding authors out there who fancy making a quick buck, please somebody please write “the idiots guide to making a directors commentary” so that don't end up with tat like this anymore...more than ten minutes and you've done well!

    Exposing Deception (HD - 18mins) is a rather good making of feature that includes short snippets with the stars and makers. I learnt more in the 18 minutes of this vignette than I did listening to the whole of the directors' commentary.

    Club Sexy (HD - 10 minutes) is an all too brief look at the real world of sex clubs and how they work. Some may find it un-interesting but it does add to the background knowledge of the film.

    Deleted Scenes And Alternate Ending (HD - 5 Minutes) contains two deleted scenes that would have added nothing to the film and an alternate ending that really wasn't different enough...

    PiP track is where owners of Blu-ray players really win over their SD only friends for once - and by quite a wide margin.

    This PiP track contains several featurettes exclusive to Blu-ray - and each one of them tells us something new and they all come in at perfectly timed moments in the film.

    Even better, you don't have to wait for that scene to come up - in the PiP menu screen are several phone numbers - click on one of these to skip straight to one of the vignettes.

    One up for Blu-ray and a refreshing experience for this reviewer to actually leave the extras with praise rather than criticism. Thanks Fox - more please!

    Deception Extras


    I know that Deception opened to a poor response from critics and the public alike. However, wouldn't this be a boring planet if we all liked the same stuff?

    I for one thought that it was a classy thriller and that the sex scenes were integral to the story - and not just thrown in for eye candy. The scenes never go over the top and there's far more left to the imagination that there is visible flesh onscreen.

    As a Blu-ray package, Fox have delivered the goods at long last. With a picture quality to die for and a very efficient soundtrack, Deception provides excellent eye and ear candy.

    But for it's in the extras department where this disc triumphs over its SD counterpart - it carries over the extras found on that disc and adds one of the best PiP experiences I have ever seen. And - on top of that - this disc is REGION FREE, which should be classed as another extra feature seeing as though it comes from a studio that has so far stuck like glue to the Region locked fence...

    Personally, I think that you can watch deception the once as after that, the surprise has come and gone and the edge taken off the story. Whether you rent it to watch the movie or add it to your ever growing collection of discs I'll leave up to you. Remember, movies are a very personal thing - I'm not one to follow the herd and I'll say what I see. I thoroughly enjoyed Deception - you never know, you might as well.

    Deception Verdict

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.79

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