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by AVForums Jan 1, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Death To The Supermodels DVD Review
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    The Deleted Scenes are split into 2 sections, “Montage” and “P's Interview”. The Montage lasts for 3.28 minutes and is, as it says, just a montage of clips which is probably the best way to view the movie, if there is one. P's Interview lasts for 4:56 and is a proper deleted scene and keeping in mind that the movie only runs for 85 minutes, it's hard to understand why it was cut. Can't be for running time and it's up to the same high standards of the movie - so it's a bit confusing as to why. We also get previews for some truly eclectic movies - from Steven “Chunky” Seagal in “Black Dawn” to Mirror Mask and The Cave. Poor, but keeps in line with the movie.
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    Well, what can I say? Bad movie, reasonable picture quality and a lacklustre soundtrack. Sure, there's some nice eye-candy on display and it's not particularly long, but if I want eye-candy, I can browse the Internet for that. Still, I have seen worse, but that doesn't mean I can recommend this.
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    Remember those B-list VHS movies that never looked as good as the regular titles. You know, the ones that never quite tracked in? Well, this is now immortalised on DVD for your viewing pleasure. Actually, that's just what you would think from the trailers that auto play at the beginning. Thankfully, the actual main feature isn't as bad picture wise. There are problems, for starters the print suffers from frequent dust specks and it does suffer from some colour bleed. Generally though, the colours are fine, being bright and vivid, with black levels being ok, but nothing exceptional. It's a little grainy in places, but no obvious artefacts were noticeable nor was any haloing, but due to the lousy print, the grain and the colour bleed, this is just about average.
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    Having a Dolby Digital mix on this movie is somewhat of a waste as the audio is predominantly front heavy. Dialogue is clear and hiss free, but for a 5.1 mix it is a tad front heavy, so much so it wasn't until close to the end when some birds flew behind me that I noticed the rears were utilized. I didn't notice any LFE at all and other than that one time, nor did I notice the rears in use either. A stereo mix would have achieved the same result with Pro-Logic decoding. A poor effort is the kindest way to word it.
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