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by Casimir Harlow Dec 31, 2008 at 12:00 AM

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    Death Race Blu-ray Review
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    Death Race comes smashing to Blu-ray in all its High Definition glory with a pristine 1080p rendition in the movie's original theatrical aspect ratio of 2.35:1 widescreen. Detail is fantastic throughout - picture perfect for this futuristic prison movie, with keen facial observation and attention paid to the 'authentic' vehicles and setting. Occasionally we get a totally unnecessary slow-motion shot of shell-casings splashing to the ground, and it's this kind of moment that really shows you the quality on offer. There's simply no softness, digital artefacting or defects to impinge upon your visual pleasure, it's a superior rendition of a very recent movie. The colour scheme is limited by the dour setting, but that helps with the comic-book style, with plenty of solid blacks and dark blood reds. All the colours presented are certainly rendered accurately. We're not talking Hulk, let alone Iron Man spectacle here, so this still probably isn't a visual enough movie to show off your equipment with, but it definitely looks the best it can and will more than likely impress.
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    To accompany the movie we get a DTS-HD Master Audio track that really brings this loud action vehicle (pun intended) to life. However redundant, the dialogue - from Statham's gruff mumbling grumblings to the shouts and screams of pain - is presented clearly and coherently, predominantly from across the frontal array. The score is loud and rock-oriented to keep the violent action moving on the road, and in that respect we come to the best element of the track - the punchy effects. The thunder of the mounted heavy machine-guns, the roar of the huge engines, the power of the crashes, smashes and inevitable explosions, it all gets the best presentation on this track, and quite rightly so, offering up an all-enveloping crash-tastic environment that only adds to your childlike boys-will-be-boys entertainment. With enough bass to rumble your sofa, this is a perfect track to accompany this movie.
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    Death Race is silly, marginally pretentious nonsense, a total no-brainer, about a bunch of angry people driving around in armoured, armed vehicles, trying to kill each other. It's great fun. Jason Statham is arguably the best classically-styled action hero in the business at the moment and, whilst I'm looking forward to Crank 2, and enjoy his other, more cerebral work, he still remains thoroughly entertaining as The Transporter, and this is just a variation on that successful theme. On Blu-ray Death Race looks and sounds fantastic, and with a bunch of suitably engaging extra features to boot fans will want to add this one to their collection. Newcomers may want to give it a rental first, but those who can handle the sheer entertainment value on offer should consider this recommended viewing.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.79

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