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by Simon Crust May 17, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    SRP: £7.99


    The film was originally shot at 2.35:1 aspect, and indeed the credits are in that format, but as soon as they are over the picture zooms into approximately 1.78:1 and it is not anamorphically enhanced. Oh. My. God. You want print damage? You got it, every scene is littered with scratches, flecks and speckles utterly appalling. Colours are drab and washed out, detail is as soft as hot butter and contrast and brightness combine to give the occasional decent black, but more often than not settle for grey. Digitally there are some appalling motion blur effects compounded by pixilation, see screen grab two for a demonstration. In all an awful, awful picture.

    Death Duel of Kung Fu Picture


    Unfortunately the sound doesn't fair much better, only one track to choose from an English dubbed Dolby Digital 2.0 mono. It is as flat as a pancake, without presence or merit. It is quite loud, but the range is limited to the top end giving everything an artificial quality, which of course it is being dubbed. There is an amount of background hiss, pops and clicks from poor editing and occasional spots of distortion too. An awful sound track which ever way you look at it.

    Death Duel of Kung Fu Sound


    Extras are limited to a promotional trailer for the film, a worse, if that is possible, picture and a massively bass heavy mono over dubbed sound track. The web link listed is literally that and the other titles section is a slide show of DVD covers.

    Death Duel of Kung Fu Extras


    You might have guessed, I was not taken with this film, I might have been had it been presented a little better, because as it stands this DVD is not even worth it as a coaster, avoid at all costs.

    Death Duel of Kung Fu Verdict

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £7.99

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