Day of the Dead Review

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by AVForums Nov 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Day of the Dead Review
    We've seen it before on DVD
    but now comes the latest
    release from Anchor Bay
    of the finale of Romero's
    epic zombie franchise, only this time
    it is as a stellar two-disc edition.
    Long seen as the weakest of the
    saga, Day of the Dead's claustrophobic
    story about the bickering between
    factions of humanity surrounded by
    flesh-munching ghouls has been
    critically 'rediscovered' over the past
    few years and finally seems to be
    getting the respect it deserves.
    Sure, it isn't the epic conclusion
    most fans wanted, or, thanks to the
    budget, the story that was originally
    written (fans should read Romero's
    original script to see what could have
    been), but it is undoubtedly the most
    mature and intelligent of the series.
    Not that this means that there isn't
    much gore on offer, as special effects
    maestro Tom Savini reached the very
    top of his game with the numerous
    bloody deaths and zombies he created
    for this film. Could this be the best
    zombie movie ever made? Maybe not,
    but alongside Night of the Living Dead
    and Dawn of the Dead it completes
    the best saga about the living dead
    ever committed to celluloid.

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