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by AVForums Nov 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Daredevil Review
    There was a part of me that wasn't looking forward to reviewing Daredevil: Director's Cut. Why? Well, apart from falling asleep when I first watched the original release, I don't particularly like Ben Affleck or the comic book hero himself. When I was a young kid I would buy all the latest comics; Batman, Superman, Spiderman... and when I'd read them I'd go back for a few “lesser” heroes - The Flash, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk... even Green Arrow! But Daredevil always bugged me. The guy was blind, which meant his super-human powers were borderline interesting at best, and he was simply a little too “samey” as his more powerful colleagues. Curiosity got the better of me though, and here I am reviewing Hell's Kitchen's most famous son.

    And I'm rather pleased I did! This Director's Cut isn't half bad and despite being some thirty minutes longer than the original, I managed to not only stay awake throughout the entire movie... I also really enjoyed it. Ben Affleck, I apologise for my lack of faith... you're not so bad, after all! Of course, the general story outline remains unchanged - young boy is blinded and scarred for life during a radioactive liquid spill, which ends up being the source of Matt Murdock's super-hero abilities; father is brutally murdered; young boy is driven by revenge, grows into a determined and fearless adult, makes himself an almost Elvis-style leather outfit and eventually tracks down his father's murderer. Yes, I still would like to smack the silly grin off Colin Farrell's face - his OTT portrayal of Bullseye really bugs me - but that's probably less to do with him as an actor and more to do with the comic book style of the movie.

    If, like me, you thought the original movie was a little lame, then I can whole heartedly recommend this Director's Cut as a better movie experience. Fight scenes have been expanded, the characters have been fleshed out and improved - I now care what happens to Matt Murdock - and am I right in thinking there's a little less of Electra? It certainly worked for me, although I always wondered how Mr. Daredevil managed to perform such feats of gymnastic prowess as diving from high buildings, and still be able to land solidly on his feet. Did his accident improve his physical powers? This is an area where I felt the movie was a little weak. Certainly an improvement over the original, but still flawed nevertheless.

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