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by AVForums Apr 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

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    Presented here in Anamorphic Widescreen, the film is clean and crisp with no dust or dirt on the print. The picture quality isn't as high as Hollywood production values, but that's the only real criticism. Colours are bright and vivid, especially the blood reds, with no signs of bleed apparent and black levels were deep, dark and no detail was lost that I could see. I also didn't notice any artefacts or grain on the print either. Nicely done, but then as the film was made in 2004, it should have had a good print to start with!
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    Boasting a DTS and a Dolby Digital soundtrack, this is a very encompassing, loud soundtrack, with the surrounds being almost permanently engaged, deep bass effects and a very loud centre channel, with some of the clearest dialogue I've heard for a while, which was never drowned out by the other sounds going on. Separation is great, check out the motorcycle passing behind you just after the credits for example, it was really well done. Not knocking the Dolby soundtrack, but I'd have to say it doesn't have quite the punch or volume of the DTS track, but that's not saying anything bad about it. Was very impressed with this, I have to say.
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    Well as extras go, it's pretty bereft. We have a 5 minute “Behind the Scenes” with the star Hiroko Saato, explaining how scary they found the movie, both making it and watching it. The most interesting thing is that it would appear that this is her first, or one of her first, movies. The trailer, ironically isn't a trailer for this movie, but for “Tokyo Psycho”, which I have to be honest looks plain weird. That's all the extras you're getting!
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    I liked this movie, it's not quite the same as the atypical Asian horror that we've been seeing in recent times. Sure it has a few elements, but it also has some innovative and spooky moments (like the lights going out and only the fridge light illuminating the actress). Will there be a sequel? Probably, as it's about a building ala Ju-on (hence the comparisons) but it's more open for tales as it's a store - and who fears a shop? Worth grabbing a copy of, as not only is it cheap, it's got a cracking soundtrack and is pretty entertaining for fans of the genre. Nice!
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £8.05

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