Csi: New York Season 1.1 DVD Review

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by Simon Crust Oct 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Csi: New York Season 1.1 DVD Review
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    Each episode is give a broadcast correct 16:9 aspect anamorphically enhanced for widescreen pictures with an average bitrate of 5.30 Mbps. In an attempt to differentiate itself from the bold striking colours of CSI and the orange pallet of CSI Miami, NY uses a heavy blue filter. This effect of tinting everything blue, including skin tones, and bleaching the whites is also associated with edge enhancement, and even though the episodes are well detailed with decent blacks, they all suffer accordingly. Thankfully the fourth and rest of the set remove this filter and the picture vastly improves. Colours become brighter and vivid (not as much as the Strip in Vegas though) and skin tones become far more normal. Brightness and contrast give rise to excellent blacks, perhaps to many blacks in places giving rise to a overall dark tone and the detail level is as sharp as ever. Gone too are the edge enhancement and film grain, to be replaced by a smooth detailed print with no compression problems or print damage. The picture is even better than its TV broadcast, I checked! So after a shaky start things improve to excellent quality.
    Csi: New York Season 1.1 Picture


    No such problems with the sound, right form the start you have a clear, crisp well separated sound track. There is excellent range including very decent bass. The separation is more front to back than side to side, and of all the CSI disc's I own this one has by far the best separation of all. All the sounds of the city are well realised and add to the ambiance of the street locations. Dialogue is rich and from the front, the many songs for the score are pumped through all the speakers and give great depth to the proceedings. In all a very impressive sound track, please to hear TV shows are getting decent tracks now.
    Csi: New York Season 1.1 Sound


    There are five audio commentaries on episodes Blink with Anthony E Zuiker, Creatures of the Night with Pam Veasey, Outside man with Timothy J. Lea, Officer blue with Anthony E Zuiker and finally Recycling with Timothy J. Lea and Zachary Reiter. Each commentary is an entertaining and informative listen, each participant being very proud and enthusiastic about their (particular) input.

    The only other extra is the science behind the scenes featurette introduces Bill Haynes a real forensic expert hired to ensure that all the science used in the show is factual. There are other interviews with writers and cast members all of whom profess to learn much from the real scientist and bestow the virtues of having such advisers on the show. It is an entertaining six minutes with little in the way of padding.
    Csi: New York Season 1.1 Extras


    CSI NY is another gritty, well written and polished production as we've come to expect from the Bruckheimer stable. Better than Miami but still not as good as Vegas, CSI NY is nevertheless a slick show headed up by characters with depth and story lines to impress. As a DVD, Monument has provided a decent enough package with decent picture and terrific sound although a little light on extras there should be enough to keep most happy. However without the pilot episode this set as a whole is rather devalued.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £39.99

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