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by AVForums Mar 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Creature Comforts Review
    Comprising of the second series of animated shorts which aired on terrestrial TV last autumn, Creature Comforts - part 2 is essentially a collection of seven, a 10 minute vignettes which explores observations on life through the eyes of a wild collection of characters, from Hamsters to Aliens...

    The Pet Shop - Iguanas, dogs and other potential pets argue about popularity as they face their fear of being left on the shelf.

    What's it all about? - As a grab bag of nature's finest speculate onwhere they come from, a hamster observes that “the difference between me and monkeys is mainly that they live in the jungle where as I come from Catford”.

    Being a bird - As our feathered friends reveal the ups and downs of life in the air, swans discuss turbulence and we meet pigeons with no sense of direction.

    Is there anyone out there? - While we discover what aliens think of our planet and whether it is okay to kiss the postman, worms ponder crop circles.

    Cats or dogs? - In this episode cats and dogs go head to head to weigh up the pros and cons of cats and dogs.

    Merry Christmas - Hearing about Christmas from the animals that make it happen, a turkey declares “I do feel I'm being pulled in all directions...they're all going to get a piece of me!”

    The Beach - Coastal creatures rub up against the summer hoards and an octopus enjoys ice cream.

    Anyone who's a fan of the original Creature Comforts TV ads, or the famous Wallace and Gromit series will certainly enjoy this. Combining the trademark animation style of plasticine models, English humour abounds as the characters take on real personalities and combine sharp observations on day-to-day life and comic timing that's in many places impeccable. Everyone will have their favourites, but special mention must go to the Hamster from Catford, and every dog in the series!

    Good family entertainment this is, and perhaps the only criticism one could make is that the music quickly becomes grating (especially if you intend on watching these episodes back to back). Overall, good stuff though.

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