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by AVForums Dec 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Creature Comforts Review
    Aardman, best known perhaps for their marvellous Wallace and Gromit adventures, have released this collection of their latest works on DVD just in time for Christmas. Creature Comforts is an extension to the characters that we first met in the run of Economy 7 adverts many years ago.

    Along side the Polar Bears and Tortoise characters are an absolute wealth of new plasticine animal incarnations. Lab mice, Shrimp, Woodpeckers, Dancing Bears, a Shark, Police Dogs (my personal favourite) are but just a few. Each and everyone has a point of view, opinion and comment on their (and our) world in general.

    To say this is a DVD of plasticine animals with worldly views (which IS what it is) is to do it a HUGE injustice. This is a wonderfully observed labour of love with an attention to detail and finesse that is just pure genius. It offers a gentle humour that any but the hardest cynics can enjoy. We (my better half and I that is) found ourselves laughing out loud on occasion, and as often as not it would be at the incidental going-ons off center stage.

    The main feature is made up of six episodes, all self explanatory by their titles:
    • 1 The Circus
    • 2 Pets at the Vets
    • 3 Working Animals
    • 4 The Sea
    • 5 The Garden
    • 6 Feeding Time

    The Rundown

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